60th anniversary brochures

Bracknell Wokingham & District Table Tennis Association

 60th anniversary 2016/2017

 Over the years the league has produced brochures to mark the ongoing history of the league, it’s clubs and players.

This brochure will be the 4th in the series following the 25th, 40th and 50th editions. This season is the 60th, the diamond anniversary.

 This brochure features various statistics as well as pictures of some of the current players, some of whom will have been seen in previous editions, also in this edition are articles including a tribute to Sylvia Bruton who served this league for so many years and a very well written and humorous one by Steve King entitled “My hard bat and I “, well worth a read.

 We are producing a copy for all registered players in the league which will be distributed to clubs at the AGM on 18th May at the OLOP club following the presentations.

There will be a few spare copies if there is anyone out there with history in our league who would like to request a copy.


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