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Quiz Night, Saturday 24 January, 2015

The league is planning to run its annual quiz evening on Saturday 24 January.

It will be held at Rayne Village Hall and start at 7.30pm. 

You are invited to enter one or more teams.

Teams can consist of a strict maximum of six people and the entry fee is £3.00 a person to be paid at the door.  In view of the limited space in the hall, teams must be entered in advance. Ian Whiteside will be running the quiz this year, but entries should still come to me.  To enter, please ring me on 01376 512582 or email me on rfosker@btinternet.com.

If you are unable to raise a team but would like to take part, let me know and I will try to fix you up with others in a similar position. 

For those of you who have not been to a quiz evening, the questions are all written and answered as a team.   No one is put on the spot.  Questions will be on a wide variety of subjects.


A condition of the licence is that no one may bring in their own alcohol

The bar will operate as usual with very reasonable prices so I hope no one will be inconvenienced.  We do have to take this seriously so we will have to ask anyone bringing alcohol to leave it outside.


The prize will again be a case of wine for the winners.  Second and third places will be unrewarded. 


There will as usual be a raffle and as always I would be grateful if people could rummage among their unwanted Christmas gifts or wherever and bring along a prize.  


Players are reminded that the annual individual championships will be held at Black Notley Community Association on the weekend 20-22 February.  All entries should go to Keith Martin at keithmart@gmail.com or by post to him at 73 Henniker Gate, Chelmsford CM2 6SD.

The closing date for entries is 25 January.


Many of you will be aware that the league has a twinning arrangement with a club in Rotterdam, started by the Colne club many years ago and continued by them and others ever since.  As players from various league clubs are now involved, the English end of the operation is now known as the Earls Colne Touring Table Tennis Club.  Hosts alternate, and this year it is the turn of the club to entertain the visitors from the Overschie club.

The visit takes place over Easter and is both competitive and social.  There are tournaments on both Good Friday and Easter Sunday while Saturday is left free.   A more detailed timetable is given below.

The organisers would be interested in hearing from any players who would like to be involved in this year’s event.  It would be helpful, though not essential, if players can offer accommodation to one or more of the visitors.

Anyone interested should contact Robin Armstrong on rubicula@yahoo.co.uk, or robin.armstrong@east-thames.co.uk,  or on 07789 488544.  Alternatively Keith Martin, as above, or on 01245 469273.

Detailed itinerary

HOME YEARS…….2015, 2017, 2019, etc….

  • GOOD FRIDAY ……We play at BNCA in the afternoon in the competition for the Shield. Usually followed by a social evening catching up with our Dutch friends who have arrived Thu pm or Fri morning.
  • EASTER SATURDAY is a free day to spend as required and the evening can be used for a social gathering, perhaps a meal/drinks/party.
  • EASTER SUNDAY is the 9-5 tournament at BNCA often followed by another drinks/meal in the evening
  • EASTER MONDAY is a results and trophies presentation for the groups, doubles, etc, a gathering mid to late morning where we bid farewell to the Dutch party who make their way home from early afternoon onwards.


AWAY YEARS…....2016, 2018, 2020, etc….

  • GOOD FRIDAY…..We all take the overnight ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland at 11pm on the Thursday and are collected early Fri am by our Dutch friends.  We are then taken home by our host until early afternoon when we play for the Shield at the Overschie club venue. Evening is usually a drink in Rotterdam ……….
  • EASTER SATURDAY is a free day to spend as required. The evening can be a gathering/drink/meal as required.
  • EASTER SUNDAY is the all day tournament at the Overschie venue.  Evening can be a meal/drinks.
  • EASTER MONDAY is the results and trophies presentations and then we leave to return via the mid-afternoon ferry home to Harwich.

I hope you have a good Christmas.


Ron Fosker


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