All matches in the 2019 Braintree Summer League will be played at the Black Notley club - please arrive by 7.15pm to help set up.

The Tuesday League runs between 25 June and 13 August and the Thursday League between 27 June and 15 August.

Matches are run on a handicap basis and with 2 players per team, each playing 2 singles and 1 double match.

The fees are £3 per player per night and matches start at 7.30pm.


2019 Summer League - Handicap Ratings (Name Order) - Click for the latest list (10/08/2019).

·         Handicap ratings are based on Braintree League averages as at the end of season 2018-19. 

·         A few manual adjustments have been made where players played very few matches.

·         Handicaps have been worked out using all information available where players have little or no Braintree League record.

·         Handicaps may be revised during the competition if any appear very inaccurate.

Handicap Scoring - 21 up - Click here for instructions



Click here for Summer League Scorecard - Tuesdays

Click here for Summer League Scorecard - Thursdays



Please note that the scoring system is 21-up best of 3 games per match.



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