Our aim has always been to offer the opportunity for our members to play at a level that's good for you.  We look to support those who wish to come along just for a social game and a chat and also those who want to play competitively and in leagues.

We believe that providing coaching for those looking to develop their game is an important role for the Club to be aware of.  Paul Henderson has been great in this respect and is constantly developing his coaching skills on his route up the coaching ladder.  Paul is the first to admit as a U.K. Level 1 Coach he too would learn from working with other coaches.  With this in mind we are considering offering a 6/8 week Coaching Programme.  The Coaching would take place on a Saturday Morning from 10am-12noon and would be led by Bernie Morris, who Tony Taylor rates as one of the best coaches in the North-East.

Don't worry you won't be asked to run around the football pitch before/during the sessions and Bernie has lots of experience designing coaching with "dodgy knees" and "bad backs" in mind.  It would very much be at a pace you're comfortable with and time-outs are perfectly acceptable.

We are looking at a couple of options:  Note your normal Club session fee of £2.50/£1.50 is still payable to cover The Hall hire fee.  Plus:

1. A small charge of £2/£3/£4 to help cover the coaching costs

2. Free (the Club would look to cover the cost/seek funding if possible)

Can you please let John L know your thoughts.

a. would you like some coaching

b. are you available on a Saturday morning

c. would you be willing to pay a small fee to cover the cost

d. would you prefer it if it was free

e. any other thoughts on coaching options

We look forward to hearing from you and will update you as soon as we've heard from everyone. 

The Club doesn't have an email list yet so please share this with any members who you know who have played for, or looking to play for any of our league teams.

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