Sunderland League Team Players

Teams & Players for the Sunderland League

A Team Brandon AXELS

Tony Taylor
Simon Knopf
Alan Perry
John Leeman

John Spencer (team captain)

B Team Brandon Bee's

Paul Lupton
Jamie Lupton
Caroline Lee

Keith Mckenzie

C Team Brandon Crocodiles

Chris Leishman
Rebecca Harrison
Will Lindsay
Louis Davies

Stephen Patterson
Neil Caisley

D Team Brandon Devils

Abbey Maddison
John Parkin
John Hopper
Ian Cumpson
Peter Collins
Felix Collins
Lynn Reilly

Corey Haslem

E Team Brandon Energy

Paul Henderson (teams' captain)
Dionne Bailey
Michael Henderson
Arthur Henderson
Barry Dunn
Bill Mclennon
Will Murphy

Alex Murphy

To All the above players Brandon & Byshottles Table Tennis Club are Having a Team
get together a chat & time to hand Team lists out to each player then it's team practice night TEAM AGAINST TEAM
Monday 7th of September from 7pm Please let Paul Henderson (ping pong Paul) know your availability for time & date asap
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