Bridgwater & District Table Tennis League


League Rules 


Version 6/18



      Entry to the Bridgwater & District Table Tennis League shall be through club membership. 

Each Club shall operate in a corporate manner.  

Any team wishing to enter the league shall do so through its Club Secretary, who will submit a league 

entry form together with the appropriate fees to the Honorary Secretary by the date specified.

No team fees will be refunded once submitted to the Honorary Secretary.


A Club entering one team in the league must have at least 3 registered players.  

A Club entering more than one team must have at least 3 registered players in its team or teams in the lowest division it is entering and at least 2 players in its higher division teams.

This is to accommodate the movement of players "Playing Up" within the Club.

A Club must demonstrate it has sufficient players to fulfil all fixtures.


A Club may use more than one venue and more than one Club may use the same venue.



All players must be a current Table Tennis England Player Member.

All Table Tennis England individual membership forms must be received by the League prior to the start of the season.

Players must be registered to a team with the league entry forms.

New players shall be deemed registered 24 hours after notification is received by the League Match Secretary or their deputy, providing they are current Table Tennis England Player Members.

The Committee must approve the registration of any player after Christmas.

Clubs shall ensure that only properly registered players shall play in any league or competition fixture.

Sets in which unregistered players participate shall be awarded to the opposing team.

A player may only play for one team in the same Division in any season.



Players registered for a Club team, may "Play Up" for any other of that Club's teams on a total of three occasions, provided that the team is in a higher division. Where more than one team is in a higher division.  Permission must be sought from the Secretary before the player subs for a second team.  On the fourth occasion they shall be deemed to be a registered member of that team, and shall remain as such for the remainder of the season.

A player may play for two teams from the same Club on the same evening, only with the agreement of the opposition.

A player once registered for a particular Club must have committee approval before being able to play for another Club during the same season.



The league fixture list will be issued at the start of the season.

It is the duty of all teams to honour all fixtures on the appointed date, except in extreme circumstances.

Each fixture will normally be played at the home team’s venue on the home team’s playing night at the scheduled time.

A match mutually agreed to be played on another night in the same week shall be considered to have been played on the scheduled night.




Postponement of fixtures will only be accepted in extreme circumstances, and by permission of the League Match Secretary or Deputy.

A maximum of 2 postponements per season will be allowed by each Team.

A team requiring a fixture postponement must contact the League Match Secretary (or Deputy), giving a reason for the request. If the reason is acceptable, permission may be given for the postponement.

The team requesting postponement will be recorded.

The postponing team must then notify their opponents of the postponement.

The postponing team must arrange a revised fixture date with their opponents, which is expected to be within 28 days of the original date.

The postponing team is deemed responsible for the fixture, if the fixture list is not complete by the end of the season, the postponing teams playing record may be removed from the league tables. 



The home team must ensure that all equipment is put up for a 7.30 p.m. start.

If there are no players available by 7.45 the opposing team may claim one set.

If there are still no players available by 8.00 p.m. the opposing team may claim two sets.

This procedure may occur until 9.00 p.m. where the whole match may be claimed.

If one player is late and the remaining sets have been played before 9.00 p.m. by the last three sets may be claimed.

Any prior arrangements agreed by both teams may contradict the above rule. 

Times will change with earlier and later scheduled starts. 



In the Premier Division and Division One the matches will consist of 9 singles and one doubles, being the best of five games to eleven. If a Second Division or Development League is run, the format will be set out at the start of the season.

Teams Will Receive

The League Points System will be as follows:- If a team wins 6-4 they will receive 6 point, If a team loses 2-8 they will receive 2 points, if a team wins 10-0 they will receive 10 points and so on


In the event of teams being equal on points, the outcome of a Division, promotion or relegation will be decided by :-


       1. If teams are still tied, then position will be decided by the results of the teams league fixtures  

               against each other during the season, taking into account the winners of the fixtures and then sets

              for and against.


        2. If still level a play-off of 9 singles will take place between the tied teams.



In all divisions the home team will put down their team on the Scorecard first. A fourth or even a fifth member of a team will be permitted in the doubles, as long as they are registered for that team.



It shall be the duty of every club to forward results on the approved score card to the Match Secretary within two days of the completion of the fixture. A fine may be imposed at the Committee’s discretion, if the result card is not received within this time. All fines so imposed must be paid within fourteen days. Teams failing to comply will have further fines imposed on them. Points will not be awarded until fines have been paid



The winners and runners-up in each division, other than the premier shall normally be promoted and the bottom two team of each division, other than the lowest, shall normally be relegated.

The Committee shall have the power to promote or relegate teams as it seems fit to maintain the balance of the divisions.

Placement of new teams in the league shall be at the Committee’s discretion.

Trophies shall normally be awarded to the winners and runners-up in each division.



The Committee shall have the power to interpret the rules and to be the sole arbiters on any question which may arise and which is not provided for in these rules.

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