Mordecai Cup Final 2011-12

Mordecai Cup Final 2011-12

THE FINAL was played at the Almondsbury TTC on 21st May 2012.


Nailsea Pumas      versus      Knowle and Brislington D

Andy Elliot                                     Bernard Nash

Michael Elliot                               Brendan Payne

Peter Butterworth                    Tony Brown

UMPIRES John Kingscott and Ron Dobbs

This was the third year in a row where a Nailsea team had been involved in the final, having won the previous two.

The final this year, turned out to be the closest final match, in the cup, for many years.

Both teams were from Division 4. They therefore had the same handicap of 120 points and all of the players were worthy finalists.

The spectators were treated to a high standard of Table Tennis and each game was a very close affair, with some games being fought point for point. Fast attacking shots were stubbornly defended.

Congratulations to the Knowle and Brislington D team, who won the match by just 4 points.

Result: Knowle & Brislington D (120) beat Nailsea Pumas (120) by 4 points.

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