Ping Pong Links Made Stronger

The first ever Fairfield High School Table Tennis championships took place at the Bristol Civil Service Table Tennis Club on Tuesday 4th November. The local club is soon to start Junior coaching sessions and Fairfield High will act as a Sport England Satellite club to feed new players into the game.
Thirteen year 7 & 8 players from Fairfield went up to the Civil Service Club after school and played a two hour tournament amongst themselves. In a closely fought final which saw some great rallies with lots of smashing and lobbing, Manu Leach (Year 8) beat Jamal Chamberlain Sinclair (Year 7) to win a big gold trophy. Congratulations also go to the highest finishing female player, Weronika Kuzniewska.
Players from the school have one of the biggest Table Tennis clubs in the City just a five minute walk away at Muller Road Recreation Ground, and the club will soon start regular Junior coaching sessions for Fairfield players to attend in the evenings and at weekends. We hope this is the start of a strong partnership and link between the club and local Secondary school.
Final positions:
1.   Manu Leach
2.   Jamal Chamberlain Sinclair
3.  Ruben Menendez
4.  Ashley Walcott
5.  Mohamed Hassan
6.   Jayden Edwards
7.   Sahr Nanoh
8.   Weronika Kuzniewska
9.   Rioul Schardchmidt
10. Hamza Omar
11.  Elfid Willoughby
12.  Ameenya Porteous
13. Savira Kauser

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