Bristol 1 Star Veterans Rating Tournament Report

Bristol 1 Star Veteran’s Rating Tournament

There were good results from local players on Sunday June 12th at the Bristol 1 Star Veteran’s Rating Tournament.  The Men’s event comprised of 10 bands mostly each containing 8 players with players banded in ranking order.

Martin Gunn finished 5th in Band 1, David Adamson 3rd in Band 2 and Chris Price 5th. Andy Cox was Runner-Up in Band 3, Andy Elliott was 6th in Band 4 and Mike Hurley 7th, Michael Stephens was 8th in Band 5.

Result of the day in Band 6 has to go to Civil Service’s Rob Kendall who won the Band outright with 7 wins 6 of them 3 straight.  The only player to take games off Rob was Staffordshire’s John Ibbs who Rob beat in 5.

Shaun Fitzpatrick won Band 7, Stephen Doidge was 3rd Mark Kinlocke 4th and Mike Withyman 8th.  Band 8 contained 6 local players out of the 8 and Dennis Coombe was Runner-Up, Chris Adamek 4th, Steve Tainton 5th, Terry Toghill 6th, Colin Dowding 7th. 

In Band 9 Richard Solly was Runner-Up, Stuart Murray Williams was 3rd and John Bowers 5th. The winner of Band 9 was Steve Collins, Scott Cooper 3rd and Stephen Knight 7th.

This time there were more Women’s entries so there were two Bands. In Band 1 Michele Reeves finished as winner and in Band 2 Charlotte Taylor was 7th.

The number of entries this time showed an increase on the previous event so we look forward to the Third 1 Star Veteran’s Rating Tournament at Wise which is planned for Sunday November 6th more details to follow.   
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