Fixtures and 2 Team withdrawals

We have been notified about a serious fixture problem with TT leagues. All fixtures for Bristol D were showing them as playing away from home. This impacts on Division 5.  We have established the problem is being caused by the fixture generation.

There is an indicator on the system that allows us to specify if a team must play all their matches away. We have set the indicator for Bristol D so that they play home and away but the generation is treating them as only playing away. This only impacts on Bristol D as far as we can tell but do not know why they merited this treatment. The issue is very obscure and we are not even sure when it happened. It has been referred to TTE and the Developer who have already had a look because we can replicate it on a backup we use for testing but how it has arisen is leading to some head scratching.

The Bristol D fixtures have now been changed to fix this problem.

The fixtures on TT365 are correct.

We have also been notified that Portishead Corvettes (Division 5) and Clippers (Division 4) have withdrawn due to Covid19 concerns. The following messages from Steve Knight and Derek Connop. In the short term we have voided/unscheduled the matches on the 2 systems but left the first weeks result in place.

My most sincere apologies but sadly, I’ve got to withdraw the Portishead Corvettes from Division 5 this season. We have had a number of players withdraw from the team because of concerns around the coronavirus; so much so, that the team is now untenable. Please rest assured that our other three teams in Division 5 – Ahoy, the Dolphins and the Dreadnoughts – are all very much good to go. The remaining Corvettes players will be reallocated to one of these teams.

Kind regards

Stephen Knight General secretary Portishead Table Tennis Club


Brian & Merv it is regret that we are going to have to drop the Clippers from the league as two of the players have dropped out over concerns over Covid. Can you please cancel the remaining fixtures for the Clippers.


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