TTE Membership Offers for next season - updated 21st July

On 20th July TTE have sent the following message to players who have requested the membership discount detailed below in the original article

Thank you for completing the Membership discount form, we have logged your details.

As an update, you will receive further instructions on how to renew your membership at the discounted rate at the beginning of August.

Please Note: You will not be able to renew at the discounted price until you receive the instructions.


Original article

Players who registered for this last season will need to enter a request on the TTE website at least 7 days before renewing in order to receive a discount for next season at the link below

TTE need an individual form for each player so they can manually create a discount code that the member only can use against their membership. if a club has the details they can complete on behalf of those who do not have internet access.

The Leagues and Clubs do not appear to have a means of identifying which players have successfully requested the discount though TTE will investigate if a report can be made available. We received the following response from TTE.

"I am not clear at the moment until we start to administer the discounts if we can get a bespoke report to for a club regarding who has redeemed their discount but i will ask the question to the developers.  As an administrator of a club you would also be able to check on their account if they are linked to your club".

If a report is not available then those clubs that do the TTE registration for their players will have some difficulty in deciding how much money to collect from each of their players.



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