Administration Information -updated 28th September

Following on from what we did last October we will continue to run both the TT Leagues and TT365 websites and will mirror content on both.

We have been working with TT365 for league setup because this gives us the facilities we need for managing, viewing and reporting during setup that are absent from TT Leagues.

We have had a first go at the matrix and fixtures and these are now visible since August 25th. If anyone sees a problem refer to their club secretary to inform the league administrators. TT365 allows us to review published fixtures for each venue to make sure there are no matrix setup problems that have led to double or invalid room bookings and we have completed that review. We have done the team setup work on TT Leagues and have published the league fixtures on 29th August on that system.

Fixtures for the Knowle teams in premier and 2 have been changed to Thursday home nights.

Change to start times Failand A premier 7.15pm start, Failand D junior team in div5  7.00pm start

Change to start times - Page teams in 4 and 6 are all 7.00pm

Change to start times - Westbury teams in 3, 4 and 5 are all 7.00pm. Confirmation received from the club.

Fixtures for Table Tennis Daily in the premier changed to Tuesdays

SGS Filton Brigands have withdrawn from the premier

Bitton Engines home night in div 4 changed to Tuesdays

There will not be a printed handbook for this season. There is around a four week lead time to get the handbook printed and we needed additional time for some clubs to sort out their teams and venues.

The clubs have provided provisional lists of teams/captains and all these players have been loaded to teams on TT365. These are now visible. A list of players/captains assigned to teams along with their registration status is also being sent to the club secretaries for review. It would be helpful if any issues are identified over the next couple of weeks. It is easy for us to move players between teams on TT365 prior to the start of matches in October. Players can check if they are assigned to their team by selecting it here

All division tables for Senior Winter 2021 - 22 - Bristol Table Tennis League, powered by table tennis 365

A reminder that new players need to provide a player registration form though we will forgo this if they can provide a TTE registration number. Each player needs to be linked to the Bristol League and to their club on Sport80 in order to play for the club and then enter results for them on TT Leagues.  Most players who change clubs or join the league appear unaware that they need to do this and leads to extra work for us. Players also need to be registered in one of the "Compete" categories. If players register in one of the free "Club Play" categories the systems will not allow their scores to be entered.

Will players please ensure that they have paid their current TTE registration fee to allow them to play.

Some work has been done on both systems to add the new Millpool club and to set up a new venue for Table Tennis Daily. These are already visible on both websites.

Captains have been assigned to most of the teams on TT365 and are already visible under TT365 venues and in the main contact list. In the absence of a handbook players will require access to contact information via the systems. The TT Leagues contact list is limited to just one phone and email address and when we publish the league will only be available by logging on to TT Leagues. For TT365 it is possible to provide additional phone and email addresses for each player and to define if they are only available for league (logon) viewing or are publicly viewable. The Executive Committee has authorized that we set captains so that their contact details are at least viewable to players via logon. 

The loading of players to TT Leagues is now largely complete. The process for loading players who have not yet renewed their registration is often highly convoluted and this work is best left as a bulk action after most registrations have been done. The availability of a discount this year has meant that more players have registered early so we were able to start this earlier than originally planned. We believe we now have all players loaded to their correct teams on TT leagues. There are 391 players loaded to TT365 and 391 to TT Leagues. If we have missed players one or more of the following will apply.

1. We missed loading them. Notification of players changes by many clubs has been informal via email or phone so without up to date lists from clubs it is possible we have missed somebody.

2. The players have not joined the club and league on Sport80. We can load these players to TT365 if we are given their date of birth and post code but cannot load them to TT Leagues.

3. The players have switched clubs but not yet paid their registration. This makes them very difficult or occasionally impossible to load and we have not tried to load these players to TT Leagues though they should be loaded on TT365.

4. Players are on Sport80 but are not registered as "Compete" or "Home Countries Affiliation". TTE have made a change this year that prevents players who are on the system as "Club Play" or "Supporter" from being allocated to teams on TT Leagues. From our admin perspective this is an unwanted and very unhelpful change that just prevents us from completing the loading activity and adds to our workload. We recognize that these players need to register properly in order to play matches so should not appear on team pick lists for scores entry but stopping us adding them to teams during setup is poorly thought through. 

Players can check if they are loaded by selecting their team on either the TT Leagues home page or via the tables under the fixtures and results heading. We also suggest that secretaries and captains review the pick list for their players in the fixtures on TT Leagues.

We have around 50 players who still have to fully register for this season. A list from TT365 has been sent to Club Secretaries to provide them with the TTE status of the players assigned to their teams. We are aware of 5 players who have recently unlinked themselves from either their club or the league on Sport80. If they still intend to play in the league then this is not a good idea. The lack of any proper tracking in TT Leagues makes them very difficult to spot and there may be others that we are not aware of. Players who have done this along with those who have not registered for this season will not show in the fixture pick lists for their team.

Players who have changed teams or are new to the league will not be able to see their correct fixtures using the App until after we have loaded them to their designated team.

Players will be able to enter scores on either system. Last October the split was about 50/50 between the systems. If there is a problem with either system then we ask players to try the other system rather than scanning results and emailing them to us. There has been a new release of the TT Leagues App last May which we hope will be more stable with less errors. We had several instances last October where players were not able to complete the scores entry and were not allowed to reset the scores for re-entry themselves.

At the League meeting on Monday 13th September it was confirmed that the league will try to operate as near normal as possible so normal postponement and reserve rules will apply. Any issues that result from Covid will need to be reviewed with the Exec committee on a case by case basis. Clubs are not required to provide refreshments for visiting teams but should make access to water available. If clubs have any specific requirements then it would be helpful if the details are given to us to put on the web sites.


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