Avon Closed Tournament 25th September 2022

Senior Singles – The 25 entrants in this event were drawn into 6 groups with the top 2 players in each group progressing into a further 4 groups of 3. The winners of each of these groups played in the semi-finals.

Semi-final results were: Peter Ives beat Michele Reeves (3 – 2) and Dave Reeves beat Josh Kashdan-Brown (3 – 0).

Final result: Dave Reeves beat Peter Ives (3 – 0).

Consolation Singles – The remaining 13 players who had not finished in the top two positions in the original groups in the Senior Singles contested the Consolation Singles on a KO basis.

In the semi-finals of this event, Jack Vaughan beat Ash Saman (3 – 0) and Dan Holland beat Steve Hicks (3 – 0). In the final, Jack beat Dan (3 – 0).

Ladies Singles – There were just 3 entries for this event which was played in one group. Michele Reeves won both of her matches (3 – 0) to become Ladies Champion while Maria Hayes beat Michelle Asher (3 – 0) to take the runner-up trophy.

Doubles – 10 pairs entered this event which was played on a KO basis from the start.

In the semi-finals, Rob Chandler & Michele Reeves beat Ade Dayo & Jack Vaughan (3 – 1) and Dave Reeves & Peter Ives beat Dan Rider & Ricardo Perpetua (3 – 0). In the final, Rob & Michele beat Dave & Peter (3 – 1).

Veterans Singles – Last year there was not enough time available to finish this event on the original day. When the final stages were later completed the Veterans champion was Peter Ives and the runner-up was Dave Reeves.

This year both players again reached the semi-finals and were joined by Michele Reeves and Rob Chandler. But again, time ran out before this event could be completed and the final matches will be played at a later date.

Junior Singles – This event started with 4 groups of 3 players. The top 2 in each group progressed to the quarter-finals which were followed by the semi-finals where Jake Tucker beat George Stenner (3 – 0) and Dan Holland beat Charlie Callus (3 – 0). In the final, Jake beat Dan (3 – 0) to become Avon County Junior Champion.

Under 15 Singles – There were 7 entries in this event which started with 2 groups. The top 2 in each group played in the semi-finals where Robert White beat Andy Wang (3 – 0) and Charlie Callus beat Joshua Branch (3 – 1).

In the final, Charlie beat Robert (3 – 2).

Under 13 Singles – There were only 2 entries, so they started with the final and Ambrose Lam beat Vihaan Joshi (3 – 0) to take the winner’s trophy.

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