Summer League 2022 Report

Summer League Semi-Finals October 1st, 2022

The Summer League finals 2022 finally took place on Saturday 1st October at the Civil service Club having been postponed due to the death of the Queen in September.

The day started at about 8.30 am with Duncan Jones and Terry Toghill organizing the setting up of the room for the day’s events and our thanks go to them both for doing a fine job. Thanks Terry and Duncan.

The matches got underway at 9.30am.

As there were 3 divisions, the top two teams from the 3 divisions qualified to play in the Semi- finals during the morning session of the Saturday and the finals were played with the winners of the 3 semi-finals playing against each other at the same time in the afternoon session.

Civil Service A played St George B and Civil service won by just 36 points and 5,5 -3,5 games 7.5 -3.5

Civil Service D played St Geroge D and Civil Service D won by just 38points and 5 – 4 games 7 - 4

AVSPOL B played St George A and AVSPOL won by just 23 points and 6 – 3 games 8 - 3 The matches were played on the same format as the summer league with a point being awarded for a game win and 2 points for a match win on points.

Congratulations to the winning teams and hard luck to all the St George teams.

Summer League Finals October 1st, 2022– Afternoon Session

The Matches got underway at 1.15

The afternoon session was played on a league basis with the 3 matches being played simultaneously thus meaning that each player was either playing or scoring for the 3 hours. The matches in this part of the day were played on total points scored by the team to determine the winner. Teams playing Civil Service A Civil Service D and AVSPOL B.

After the first 3 games had been played in each match AVSPOL led Civil Service A by 5 pts, AVSPOL led Civil Service D by 1pt, and Civil Service A led Civil Service D by 8 pts. All very Close

By the end of the next 3 matches AVSPOL B led Civil Service D by 5 pts and Civil Service A by 7 pts. Civil Service D led Civil Service A by 23 pts. Still all to play for.

We now come to the tense and last 3 matches which were to determine which team was to be the Summer League Champions 2022.

AVSPOL B took the last 3 games against Civil Service A and ended up winning by 23 points, Civil Service D lost a bit of ground on Civil Service A eventually winning by just 9 points. They then came back strongly against AVSPOL D running out winners by 21pts

AVSPOL B 350 - 371 Civil Service D.

AVSPOL B 354 – 331 Civil Service A.

Civil Service D 345 – 336 Civil Service A

Congratulations therefore go to Civil Service D for becoming

The 2022 Summer League Champions.

Runners Up AVSPOL B

CIVIL SERICE D PLAYERS James Russell, Austin Gane & Sam Edwards

CIVIL SERVICE A PLAYERS Ahbid Khan, Nigel Pedley, Steve Kingscott

AVSPOL PLAYERS Robin Woodward, Richard Bound, Paul Allen

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