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A reminder that the more comprehensive captains contact list is on TT365 but people will need to logon to the system to view. Only a few players are set for public viewing. All captains should have information available if a member logs on to view,

To view the Captains details on both TT365 and TT Leagues you need to logon to view.

There are GDPR restrictions concerning personal information and how it is viewed. TT365 has a more sophisticated approach to this and allows people to set whether information is limited to admin users only or is available for people to either logon and view or is available to view without logging on. What will be visible will be based on the privacy settings applied for each person listed.

Please note you must be logged in to TT365 using your TTE Id to see the full contact list available for each club under Clubs and Venues or for each division under Team Captains. We are aware of an intermittent problem where some players may not be visible to a few people. This is being investigated and may be related to the internet cache for the browser of the person trying to view the information. Try logging out and logging back in.

The system shows whether you are logged in at the top right of the display where your name will be displayed if you are logged in along with the option to login or logout.

Alternatively, login as an administrator in the same way as for entering scores

When TT leagues was introduced in 2019 we requested that equivalent contact lists be made available via that system. However, this requires information to be passed across from Sport80. TTE only loaded one email address and phone number to Sport80 in 2019 and so lost the additional phone numbers and email addresses the league needs for producing handbooks and to allow players to urgently get in touch with captains. The more limited TT Leagues contact list is viewable here but also requires people to logon to see it.

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