Help for a potential new club in Clifton

A neighbor contacted me asking if I could offer any assistance setting up a new table tennis club in the room above the Library in Clifton Village.  I would like to help them.  They want to start informally, but I think the room is good enough for them to progress being a league club if they have enough interest.  And I think it would be great to encourage a new club into the league and also have somewhere in the area for other league players to practice maybe.

However, they are lacking some important requirements – they need a table and net!  Can the league help? Would it be possible to put a notice on our website to see if any club has a spare table (and net) they would be happy to sell?  Or can the league offer any other advice on sourcing decent second-hand equipment?  

The best contact this end would be Marian Tucker, from the Friends of Clifton Village Library:

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Regards, Gareth

Gareth Edmunds

Portishead Stingrays

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