Mordecai Cup Draw

To all Captains still in

The round of 32 draw is to follow this information, the games must be played and all results received by me by Sunday 8th of January 2023.

There is a tight Window between the rounds so it’s important to adhere to this. I don’t want to scratch teams.

The matches will normally be played in cup week and home captains should confirm the date with the opposition.

By agreement of both teams the ties can be moved to an earlier date or played at the away teams venue if this makes it easier to play the match. Week commencing Monday 19 th December is a rest week so is available if preferred for the cup games.

Portishead Anchors v Portishead Clippers

HCC. C. V Failand C

Civil Service Gladiators v Nailsea Leopards

Page Rippers v Civil Service Vikings

Almonds C v Nailsea Civets

K and B B v Civil Service Fusiliers

St. George Cross v SGS Hercules

HCC. D v Portishead Pirates

Portishead Stingrays v Nailsea Ocelots

Portishead Steamers v Portishead Dolphins

Civil Service Spartans v St.George Crusaders

Bitton Engines v Civil Service Saxons

Civil Service Trojans v St. George Legends

St George Hero’s v Westbury Wolves

Page News v SGS Olympus

St George Chargers v Civil Service Cavaliers

There are 32 teams above hopefully the right 32 but there were a fair number of score sheets that were hard to read or in some cases not submitted,

If you are in the draw and shouldn’t be contact me likewise if you should be in the draw and are not contact me ASAP.

Once complete all results to

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