Administration for the new 2022-23 Season

We will continue to run both the TT Leagues and TT365 websites and will mirror content on both. The previous seasons are now archived on both sites.

There will not be a printed handbook for this season. 

We are working with TT365 for league setup because this gives us the facilities we need for managing and reporting during setup that are absent from TT Leagues. We do not plan to start the set up on TT Leagues until early September. It is much less work for us to do the set up entirely on TT365 and then load the data on TT365 across to TT Leagues just before the start of the season.

A provisional set of fixtures is now viewable on TT365. We urge the Club Secretaries to make sure this is in line with what they want. Some clubs did not provide the information in a clear manner on the proper form. We tried to seek clarification by phone but mistakes can happen. We need to know about any corrections asap. We do not believe there are any problems with double room bookings because we have reviewed the generated fixtures for each venue.

We currently have 88 teams which is an increase of one over last season. We hoped for a few more but some clubs lost teams. The same situation applies across the country where many other leagues that have already published league fixtures are showing only a slight increase in teams registering and only a couple of leagues have increased back to 2019 numbers.

The Mordecai and Belsten Cup competitions will be running. It is also hoped that we will be able to run the Bristol Closed but will require volunteer organizers for this to happen. 

Most clubs have provided provisional lists of teams/captains and all these players have been loaded to teams on TT365. These are now visible. A few clubs have not yet provided the information. The loading of players to teams is the big task we have to do. This is still in progress but if a player believes they are in the wrong team they should review with their club secretary. In August we are mainly concerned with identifying every player who intends to play so that we can review and track their registrations and spot any issues.

A reminder that new players need to provide a player registration form though we will forgo this if they can provide a TTE registration number and date of birth. We have created placeholder records for unregistered  players on TT365 so they will be visible against their teams where known but they need to register with TTE to play. 

Each player needs to be linked to the Bristol League on Sport80 in order to play for the club and then enter results for them on TT Leagues. Most players who join the league appear unaware that they need to do this and leads to extra work for us. Players also need to be registered in one of the "Compete" categories. If players register in one of the free "Club Play" categories the systems will not allow their scores to be entered.

Will all players please ensure that they have paid their current TTE registration fee to allow them to play. We are tracking the registration status and if any try to play while unregistered will find their games are forfeited.

Captains have been assigned to most of the teams on TT365 and are now visible under TT365 venues and in the main contact list. In the absence of a handbook players will require access to contact information via the systems. The TT Leagues contact list is limited to just one phone and email address and when we publish the league will only be available by logging on to TT Leagues. For TT365 it is possible to provide additional phone and email addresses for each player and to define if they are only available for league (logon) viewing or are publicly viewable. The Executive Committee has authorized that we set captains so that their contact details are at least viewable to players via logon. 

The league will try to operate as near normal as possible so league postponement and reserve rules will apply. Any issues that result from Covid will need to be reviewed with the Exec committee on a case by case basis. 

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