Our coaching team will remain the same with myself and Michele Reeves running the groups. 
I can appreciate that some of you are desperate to get back to playing but making a safe environment and abiding by the National Governing Body guidelines is key to a safe learning environment. 
Thank you again for your patience. 


Nick Davidson 

Head of Table Tennis Academy 

Subject - Friday Practice at SGS College

Excerpt - In conjunction with the SGS Filton Club practice is available on most Fridays between 18.00pm and 20.00pm to the end of the season

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The open practice session is on a Friday between 6.00-8.00pm and is run via Filton TTC at the College. The sessions are on most weeks except when the Flyers play at home but Clive Ellison who oversees the sessions generally lets everyone know.

The current timetable of hall availability is as follows

The hall is not available for the following dates

Friday 18th November 22
Friday 9th December 22 
Friday16th December 22 - then Closed for Xmas 
Friday 6th January 23 
Friday 17th February 23 
Friday 17th March 23 
Friday 14th April 23

Friday 21st April 23  

There is a season fee of £15 that allows you practice all season, and we can also offer free parking at the sessions once you have registered. Come down and make sure the session is for you and pay the couple of pounds for parking for a free session and then if you want to come on a regular basis, we can sign you up.

The links that you will need are as follows. The enrolment links to a generic College form. Some fields are mandated that are not required for the Table Tennis practice. For example for parent or guardian just improvise and repeat your own details. 




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