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                       Click on the Score Sheet to download, enter the results, then email back

                                       to as an attachment.

The existing method of posting score sheets or emailing scanned sheets is still acceptable. Providing they are correct and readable.
Download the score sheet above every time you need to enter a score until the 31st of December, when no more  player registrations are allowed.

The method of using this score sheet is as follows:-


1. With the mouse click on the Division box, the Division list will show.

2. Click on the Division being entered.

3. Click on the Teams boxes Home & Away, click the Teams playing each other.

4. Click on each of the players boxes Home & Away and click the members playing in those positions

5. Click on the drop down scores and click the lowest scores matching those on the written score sheet in the book. The scores will automatically insert 11.  


















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