The Mordecai Cup Semi Final will be between the teams listed below

                                               BRISTOL CLUB C v PORTISHEAD STINGRAYS
                                                         HCC D v ST GEORGE BANDITS

The games will be arranged on any of the weeks commencing April 1st, April 8th, April 15th, and April 22nd.

If a team has no spare night on the week they wish to play the cup match, they may postpone a league match in order to accommodate the fixture. This will not count as a  postponement.



Team Handicaps (Div1-0) (Div 2- 40) (Div3-80) (Div 4-120)

 (Div 5-160) (Div 6-200) (Div 7-240)



   Morley C Mordecai Memorial Handicap Competition

                                                               Finals Day Tuesday 14th May 2019

                                                   Organiser: Brian Ellison (Tel 01179756519)


1. This competition is open to all teams (excepting those in the Premier Division), who play in the Bristol

and District Table Tennis League. Clubs must give notice at the time of team registration if they do

not wish any or all of their teams to compete.

2. a) Teams entered must be bona fide league teams i.e. registered as a team in their Division. Each team

shall consist of 3 players, who shall play all 3 players of the opposing side, two games of 21 points

each. Before each tie the two Captains shall name their teams, allotting a letter (ABC or XYZ) to each

of his players. The order of play shall then be as follows and may only be altered by mutual agreement

of the Captains:-A v X; B v Y; C v Z; B v X; A v Z; C v Y; B v Z; C v X; A v Y.

b) Reserves may be used from lower divisions within the same club provided the reserve belongs to a

team already eliminated from the competition.

c) Any reserves used in this competition will not count towards League Matches.

3. a) All matches will be scheduled to take place during allocated cup weeks on the home team’s

nominated home night.

b) If the stated date cannot be fulfilled, you must notify your opponents within 4 days of notification of

the draw, so that it can be re-arranged before the deadline for that round.

c) Home teams who postpone must offer two alternative dates, avoiding dates of relevant league

matches, within 7 days of notification of the draw. The away team must then accept a date within 4

days of receiving the dates.

d) If the away team postpones the home team may offer one alternative date, avoiding relevant league

matches, within 7 days of notification of the draw. The away team must then confirm the date within 4

days of receiving the date.

e) Any teams that fail to comply with 3c) or 3d) will forfeit the tie.

f) A fine of £10 will be incurred if a team fails to notify their opponents of their inability to play the

tie without a minimum of 48 hours notice.

4. The winning team should send in the score-sheet to reach the Organiser within 7 days after completion

of the match, or on or before the closing date of the round, whichever is the earlier. Failure to do so

will result in a fine (see Schedule).

5. Handicaps will be allocated to all competing teams at the discretion of the Tournament Committee

prior to the commencement of the competition and notified accordingly. Points will be added up at the

conclusion of the match to decide the winning team.

6. In the event of a tie on points, the lower division side goes forward to the next round. In the event of

complete equality, both teams being in the same division, the away team shall be awarded the match.

7. The Morley C Mordecai Memorial Cup shall be held for one year by the winners. Three individual

awards will be provided by the Association to both the winning team and the runners-up.

8. Any query or dispute should be referred to the Organiser and may be dealt with by the Executive


Please Note:

This handicap competition will continue to be played under the 21 up points scoring system, as

provided by the waiver set out in the Table Tennis England rules i.e. Rule 57.6.3


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