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This weekend kicks off the first round of matches of 2017 for British League Premier Division. Drumchapel who are currently sitting at the top of the table will have their first weekend off which will give Ormesby the chance to close the gap between them.

Halton will be hoping 2017 will bring about a change of fortune as they are still yet to gain a point but with their match this weekend being against Ormesby they will struggle to stand up to this formidable club.

They will be playing at home and the club are also using the occasion to present the North West Table Tennis England Pride Awards with the Mayor and Mayoress of Halton in attendance.

Kenny Lindsay has been ruled out of the match due to illness so playing for Halton will be Richard Lightowler, Kevin Dolder, Tomasz Rzeszotko and Jake Shaw.  

It was a disappointing end to 2016 for Ormesby when they could only secure a draw against BATTS meaning they lost a crucial point and fell further behind Drumchapel on the table.

With Drumchapel not playing this weekend Ormesby have the opportunity to move within one point of them and they are sure not to throw away the chance to chase down their main rivals within the League. Playing for the club this weekend will be Filip Szymanski, Danny Reed, Darius Knight and Michael Marsden.

North Ayrshire will be going up against BATTS this weekend which will prove to be a touch match for the club as BATTS are currently 3rd in the League.

The club are hoping to play well in front of the home crowd to put real pressure on BATTS and take advantage of some of the close games that are to be expected. Picking up their bats for North Ayrshire this weekend will be Sean Doherty, Richie Main, Chris Main and Craig Hardie.

BATTS will be making the trip up to Scotland this weekend for their 5th away game out of 6. The have had a great start to the season gaining 6 points which places them 3rd in the table and just two points behind Ormesby.

Playing for BATTS will be Adam Nutland, Jack Bennett, Steve Beerling and Peter Cleminson which will be his first British League match of the season.

Cardiff City will be playing against Fusion this weekend and will be putting forward some inexperienced players in the form of three juniors. Going alongside them will be Welsh international Daniel O'Connell who has played in every match this season bar one.

The juniors will gain some valuable experience playing at this level and against the high standard of performance Fusion will bring to the match.

Fusion have at a good start to the season with 1 win, 2 draws and 2 losses. They are neck and neck with Cardiff City on the table with both clubs having 4 point each so this weekends match will be a close contest.  

Halton v Ormesby: Saturday 14th January 14:00

North Ayrshire v BATTS: Sunday 15th January 15:00

Fusion v Cardiff City: Saturday 14th January 17:00



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