Drumchapel and Ormesby meet again to battle for the league title
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League giants Drumchapel and Ormesby will come face to face this weekend for the second time in season to battle for the British League title. The middle of the table battle will also continue this weekend with BATTS Cardiff City and Fusion all in contention for third place.

Halton return to the league after a fixture out and are still trying to gain their first point on the table but will be going up against BATTS who are currently in third place.

Playing for the club this weekend will be Richard Lightowler, Kin Fung Chan, Tomasz Rzeszotko and Jake Shaw who has made a comeback for Halton this year with some impressive performances.

BATTS should be confident going into this match but will be taking nothing for granted as Fusion and Cardiff City are biting at their heels to overtake them on the table.

Playing this weekend will be Adam Nutland, Jack Bennett, Steve Beerling and Peter Cleminson.

After last rounds disappointing result against Cardiff City North Ayrshire will be determined to secure the crucial two points they need to re-establish their position in the league.

Playing for North Ayrshire will be Sean Doherty, Colin Dalglish, Richie Main and Chris Main all of which have been regular faces playing for the club this season.

Fusion are just one point behind third place BATTS with one extra loss on their score sheet so this upcoming match between them and North Ayrshire will be a battle to secure those two points to try and challenge BATTS on the table.  

Fusion have had a good season so far sticking in the middle of the table but with the points tightening up around them they will be doing everything they can to remain in a strong position.

The main event of this weekend’s fixtures will be the titan battle between Ormesby and Drumchapel.

Ormesby will be playing away and traveling to Glasgow for their second meeting with their league rivals. Making the journey up north will be Danny Reed, and Darius Knight, Filip Szymanski and Swede Viktor.  

Ormesby will need to gain a victory over Drumchapel who currently lead the table with 13 points to Ormesbys 12 or the title is likely to slip through their fingers.

Drumchapel are the club with it all to lose this weekend and will be feeling the pressure ahead of the match against the one club who could snatch the title away from them.

Likely to be stepping up for the club this weekend will be Liu Song, Eugine Wang and unbeaten He Zhi When.

A victory or draw will all but hand the title to Drumchapel in the absence of any major future upsets so this weekend is sure to produce some tense and exciting table tennis.

Drumchapel v Ormesby: Saturday 25th February @ 15:00

BATTS v Halton: Saturday 25th February @ 14:00

Fusion v North Ayrshire: Saturday 25th February @ 13:00

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