Format of Divisions for Season 2017-2018

At a recent committee meeting where 10 out of the 11 committee members were in attendance, the format of the divisions for the coming season were agreed as follows:-

With 2 teams from last season withdrawing, and 3 new teams entering, we have a total of 31 teams, which is one more than last season.

It was agreed that the size of the divisions should remain as 8 teams for divisions one, two and three, while division four would have 7 teams, which is one more than last year.

This left very little room for requests to be granted for teams seeking to play in a higher division to that, which they are entitled to. So apologies to those that did not get what they wanted, hopefully it will incentivise you to win promotion in the coming season.

 Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4
 Cleeve Park A Cleeve Park C Cleeve Park D Darenth C
 Cleeve Park B Darenth A Cleeve Park E Darenth D
 Dartfordians A Darenth B Cleeve Park F Falcons B
 Met Police Hayes A Met Police Hayes B Falcons A Sparta E
 Plumstead Radical A Sparta B Goddington Park A Wickham Park B
 Sparta A Sutton at Hone B Sparta C Wickham Park C
 Sutton at Hone A Wickham Park A Sparta D Youngs C
 Youngs A Youngs B Sutton at Hone C


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