Format of Divisions Season 2019 2020

At a recent committee meeting, the formats of the divisions for the coming season were agreed.

With 2 teams from last season’s division 4 withdrawing, and no new teams entering, we have a total of 28 teams.

This has unfortunately resulted in us having to drop down from 4 divisions to 3. There will be 8 teams in division one and 10 teams in divisions two and three. Teams in division one will play each other 3 times, while those in divisions two and three will play each other twice.

The makeup of the divisions is as below:- 

 Division One


 Division Two


 Division Three

Cleeve Park TTC A


Cleeve Park TTC C


Cleeve Park TTC E

Cleeve Park TTC B


Cleeve Park TTC D


Cleeve Park TTC F



Darenth A


Darenth B

Metropolitan Police (Hayes


Goddington Park


Darenth C

Plumstead Radical


Sparta TTC C


Falcons A

Sparta TTC A


Sutton at Hone B


Falcons B

Sparta TTC B


Sutton at Hone C


Sparta TTC D

Sutton at Hone A


Wickham Park A


Sparta TTC E



Wickham Park B


Wickham Park C



Youngs A


Wickham Park D

The season will start mid-September, and fixtures will be available in the next few weeks. 

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