Albert Kibbler Handicap Cup

The handicap cup matches are to be played during the week commencing Monday January 16th.

The first named teams are the home teams.

All handicap cup matches are to be played over nine singles sets of four games, played to eleven up.

The handicap points allocated will be in the sealed envelope and should not be opened until all the games have been played.

A detailed scoresheet has been distributed to team captains.


First Round


Droitwich Spa Dons v Barnt Green

Droitwich Spa Dragons v Tanworth Pasties

Colebridge TTC v Bentley Shore

Dodford Demons v Tanworth TTC

Bentley Bluebirds v Bentley Hornets

Droitwich Spa Sharks v Droitwich Spa Leopards

Droitwich Spa Ramblers v West Midlands Phones

Bentley Rocs v Bentley JD's

Bentley Toms v Droitwich Spa Tigers ( Thursday 19th January )

Bentley Arrows A v Droitwich Spa Eagles

Barnt Green Panthers v Droitwich Spa Hawks

Dodford Dodgers v Barnt Green Aces

Bentley Nomads v Dodford Hunters

Second Round


Bentley Levack v Blackwell Terriers


Should any of the above matches have to be postponed thanks to venue availability they must be rearranged and played by Friday February 10th.

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