St Lawrence A Crowned Team Handicap Cup Champions 2022

St Lawrence A Crowned Team Handicap Cup Champions 2022

BDTTL Team Handicap Final 2022

St Lawrence A 6-2 Blackwater A

Prances was the venue for a great night's entertainment for this years Handicap Cup Final. The St Lawrence trio of David Siggins (+11), Jazz Brown (+13), and Lotte Mills (+13) had too much in their handicap locker for the Blackwater team to catch up - Merv Perryman (-3), Roger Slade (-3), & Denis Balic (-2).

Captain David led the way with 2 singles and a doubles victory but was ably supported by his crew of 12 yr old Lotte playing in her first adult final who won both her singles with her formidable attacking play, and Jazz who chipped in with a singles and a doubles victory.

St Lawrence have confirmed that they have foregone the traditional open top bus parade through the town for an open top yacht parade in St Lawrence Bay this Sunday from 2pm.

Congratulations to St Lawrence - see you all at the Presentation Dinner

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