If everyone follows our quick guide to tournament etiquette then the event should run to schedule.
  1. Notify the control table upon your arrival.
  2. Arrive promptly at your appointed table when your name is called, tables will be numbered 1 to 8.
  3. Collect and return score sheets promptly from/to control table (inquest into the reason you lost can wait).
  4. The loser in knockout stages is expected to umpire next match.
  5. Let the control table know if you are leaving the hall at any time if you are still involved in any events.
  6. Please do not stand in front of or around the control table as the personnel on the control table need to have good vision to all tables at all times.
  7. It would be very much appreciated if you remember that running a tournament is a big task and no one at the control table needs the task made more difficult by continually being asked questions especially “when am I playing next”
NameClubStart Start
Phil WestBlackwater9:45am9am
Kath LittleBlackwater10:30am9am
Angela ClarkeBlackwater9:45am9am
Ann BrewerBlackwater9:45amx
Alan ScammellBlackwater9am9am
Eric GreenCold Norton1pm9:30am
Daniel AndersonCold Norton11:30am9:30am
Tim PangCold Norton12pm9:30am
Matthew StringerCold Norton12pm9:30am
Duncan TaylorCold Nortonx9:30am
Chris BallardCold Norton129:30am
Dave HancoxCold Norton9:45am9am
Neil WantCold Norton 1pm9:30am
Sam Lowman Cold Norton12:30pm9:30am
Steve MaltbyCold Norton1pm9:30am
Gurjit BhambraFambridgex9:30am
Mark StonesFambridgex1pm
Keith AdamsFambridge9:30am 
Mervyn Perriman Maldon 9:45am 
Jon Stokes Maldon 9:30am 
Ciaran Whelan Maldon 12:30pm 9:30am 
Colin Napper Maldon 12:30pm 9am 
Steve Whiteley Maldon1pm9am 
Thomas Page Maldon 9am 
Dawn BaldryMaldon9am9:30am
Hamish InnesMaldon 9:30am 
Brian Riedling Maldon 9:45am 
Steve Scholz Maldon 9am 
Roger Hance Maldon 9am 9am 
Barrie Delf Mapledene 9:30am 
Charles SweenyMapledene 9:30am 
Reece Seddon Mapledene 12:15pm 9:30am 
Kevin Read Mapledene 9:30am 
Ben Matthews Mapledene 12pm 9:30am 
Glenn Johnson Mapledene 9:30am 
Babul McLeod Mapledene 9:30am 
Anton Ranjit-Singh Mapledene 9am 
Bill Smith Mapledene 9am 
Jackie Treacy St Lawrence 10:30am 9am 
Karen Braney St Lawrence 10:30am 
Ryan Pitt Stow Maries 12:30pm 9:30am 
Rod MacLennan Stow Maries 9:45am 1pm 
Richard Riebold Stow Maries 9:45am 9am 
Martin Knights Stow Maries 9am 
John Knights Stow Maries 9:45am 1pm 
Dave Goody Stow Maries 9:45am 
Jean Chasmer Stow Maries 9am 
Ken Sheard Stow Maries 9:45am 
Mitchell Davies SWF 9am 
Eamonn Hall SWF 9am 9am 
Daniel Piggott SWF 9am 9am 
Ben Porter SWF 9am 
Allan Steel SWF 9am 9am 
Sam Mortimer-Ford SWF 9am 
Michael Burton SWF 9am 1pm 
Lee McHugh SWF 9:45am 9am 
Ewan Hynd SWF 9am 
Said Alami-Merrouni SWF 9am 9am 
Sanjay Saptarshi SWF 9am 9am 
Diane King SWF 9am 
Colin Barham West Maldon 9am 
Gary Young West Maldon 1pm 9:30am 
Daniel Young West Maldon 9am 9:30am 
Andrea Alleyne West Maldon 9am 
Victor Chan West Maldon 9am 9am 
Nick Duce West Maldon 9am 
Louis Gunn West Maldon 9am 
Noah Sage West Maldon 9am 
Barry Evans West Maldon 9:45am 9am 
Tim Huxtable West Maldon 9am 9am 
Ollie Wylie West Maldon 9:45am 
Hugh Millard West Maldon 9am 
Elliot Gordon West Maldon 9am 
Glen Laing West Maldon 9:45am 
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