Adult Honours

Under 25 Singles

What do you do when you turn 18 and suddenly your Championships are a lot more relaxed? You sign up for the U25 competition, I guess. Well, until it was discontinued in 2014 when the committee noticed everyone was getting older and it morphed into the U40 competition. B. Mays of (Maldon) won this title three times in a row between 1999 and 2001.

Under 40 Singles

The replacement in 2014 for the U25 competition. The thinking may have been that it would allow more people the chance to win a trophy. Now we are beginning to realise we have quite a few years before various super-strong Cold Norton and Mapledene players turn 40 and start menacing the veterans.

Veteran Singles

I'm told there was a time when 80% of the league's players weren't eligible to play in the veterans tournament. Having won it for 12 of its 40 years, no one can argue with Fambridge's Peter Ballard's excellent record in this category.

Veteran Doubles

It's that man Peter Ballard again - he has won this title 11 times since its inception in 1988 - well over a third of the available titles. An honourable mention to Tom Elder of Maldon who has won this title six times, twice with Peter. George Reeves has also been in the winning team several times. Lately the defender/attacker partnership of Duncan Taylor (Cold Norton) and Kevin Read (Mapledene) seem dominant having won in 2015 and 2016.

Veteran Over 50

Peter Ballard has won this competition 14 times since his was the first name engraved on the trophy in 1990. Somewhere in Burnham there's a trophy engraver with a permanent stencil set up in the name of P. Ballard.

Veteran Over 60

A relatively new competition and testament to the increasing age profile of the league. Won by Jon Poyden in 2016.

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