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Tournament Etiquette


1.     Please report to control table upon arrival.

2.     Arrive so you are ready to play at the appointed time.

3.     When you have lost in a knock-out event you will be expected to umpire the next match. Group matches will be umpired by non- playing members of the group.

4.     Please check scores are recorded correctly.

5.     Return result tickets, ball, pen and cup to the control table immediately a match or group is completed.

6.     Listen for your name to be called and move promptly to the correct table collecting the match cup if not already taken.

7.     If you need to leave the hall for any length of time please let the control table know.

8.     Report any problems to the control table.

9.     Please refrain from asking “when is my next match” generally that request translates in to “can I please umpire a match”.

10.                      Please do not loiter around or in front of the control table, we need to have a view of all tables at all times.


We hope you enjoy your tournament but need people to listen and respond to our requests promptly to ensure we complete the event on time, each day we have around 200 matches to be played in a limited amount of time.

Thank you for your help and co-operation.


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