Match Report - Stowmarket Lynx v Thurston Victors

Stowmarket Lynx 9-1 Thurston Vulcans

21/10/2015 - David Gough

It was a bit of a reunion. The Lynx players last played together 2 seasons ago (as Pumas then), but Terry Betts all but missed last season due to a knee injury and this was Andy Bennet’s first match this season. So it was nice to play Thurston Victors with Mick Beale also back again.
Both Mick and Ian Freeman are tricky players and you can never be over-confident against them.

Nonetheless, Andy made a surprisingly good start winning against Mick in three.
Terry similarly followed with a comfortable 3-0 win against Peter Branfield.

David Gough’s last few matches against Ian have yo-yoed somewhat, and this time the pendulum swung in David’s favour as nothing much went for Ian; even in the 2nd game he wasn’t able to take advantage of game points, losing 12-10, the first and third games being very comfortable for David.

The 4th match saw Mick put a point on the board, overcoming Terry in 4 very close games. Unfortunately, for the Victors, not living up to their name on this occasion, that was their only point, winning only 3 more games in the tie. They were, however, gracious in defeat and the final doubles was played in good spirits.

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