Match Report - Thurston Spitfires v Bury Vikings

Thurston Spitfires 5-5 Bury Vikings

07/12/2015 - Colin Baxter

With Mark Cracknell (Spitfires) going down ill just before this game, it looked a tough night ahead for the hosts.

Paul Evans (Spitfires) however, did well to win two of his games against Dennis Morgan and John Waters, but not without a fight from the Vikings duo. The game against Morgan went to a deciding set and saw the Vikings player lead 10-9, before Evans clinched victory 12-10. Things against Waters seemed much more comfortable for Evans as he stormed into a two set lead. Waters then changed his tactics and the tide began to turn as he took the next set. With Waters 10-9 up in the fourth, it looked like Evans was going to be taken all the way again. However, for the second time in the evening, Evans came back to take it 12-10.

Colin Baxter (Spitfires) also won his two games against the same players, but a little less dramatic by winning in straight sets.

David Unwin (Vikings), with his usual free flowing attacking style of table tennis was too much for the gutsy Evans, not giving him a sniff and beating him in straight sets. Unwin then got generous in his next encounter against Baxter by giving him the serve after losing the toss. (Is his serve really that bad!!!) The generosity seemed to stop there, as Unwin took the first set 11-2. Baxter then took delight in taking the first two points of the second set from Unwin’s serve, and went on to dominate the set, winning it 11-5. Light seemed to be affecting both players down one end, but just to dispel the theory, Unwin stepped up a gear and saw off Baxter in four sets.

The doubles saw Baxter and Evans take on Unwin and Waters in an entertaining game, with some enthralling rallies. The Spitfires duo took the first set, but then went behind 2-1. Things then started to click for Baxter and Evans with some solid defensive play, winning the next two sets 11-2 11-7 to win the game.
This victory gave them a deserved draw on the evening with the match score ending up 5-5, after an enjoyable night’s table tennis.

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