Match Report - Defenders v Blades

Sugar Defenders 3-7 Sugar Blades

03/02/2016 - Nik Key

The first 4 games saw Defenders go up 3 - 1 and included a hard fought game between Martin Haines and Nik Key, with Nik just taking the 5th set to win.
This was followed by a great opening performance by Paulo De Silva taking the game against Martin O'Leary 3 sets to 1.
Nik's next game against Colin Davies saw many cheeky net points going in Nik's favour to allow him to clinch the win.
However, as the night moved on, the Blades started to shift up a gear. Anthony Pateman looked strong at one point taking a game from Colin Davies but Colin's experience showed through in abundance and sealed the game.
Blades then didn't lose any more games and Martin O'Leary took a well earned first victory against Nik Key with a particularly superb performance.

All in all a well deserved win for the Blades.

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