Match Report - Lynx v Victors

Stowmarket Lynx 7-3 Thurston Victors

16/03/2016 - David Gough

Unfortunately, Thurston Victors could only bring two players for their match against top-placed Stowmarket Lynx, but they were two strong players, in Mick Beale and Stewart Blakey.

The first match - Beale vs Gough, was an exciting one the first 3 games going to 7, to Beale, Gough, Beale. The 4th game upped the ante, with some terrific attack and defence rallies involving multiple smashes and lobbed returns on each side. In the end, Gough saved 2 match points from 10-8 down to win it 12-10. The exertion told on Beale who only scores a further 3 points.

Stewart Blakey then evened things up, beating Andy Bennett in 4 games. Bennett’s normally reliable attacking shots were missing and, in truth, Blakey always looked in command.
Beale then took Victors into a lead with a comfortable 3 game win over Terry Betts.

Team captain Gough was then involved in another tense 5 game match, winning the 1st and 3rd to 5, whilst losing the 2nd and 4th to 11. As before the final game was easier, Blakey only managing 2 points.

Blakey did manage to beat Betts without too much drama, but Bennett overcame Beale equally comfortably before he and Gough combined to claim the doubles in spite of Victors postponing defeat by taking the 3rd game 17-15.
As in Gough’s singles matches, he and Bennett ran away with the last game, 11-2 to give Lynx another 7 points in their quest to win the Division title.

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