Divisions 1 & 2 Knockout Cup 2017/18

The final of the 2017/18 Knockout Cup was played at British Sugar Social Club on Wednesday 11th April 2018.
An enjoyable evening of table tennis produced several close games, plenty of tension and a victory for Bury Saxons over Stowmarket Pumas.

Although Saxons moved to an unassailable 5-2 scoreline after the seventh game, there were several very close matches that could easily have swung the scoreline the other way. Notably the opening match where Luke Davies-Stokes led David Unwin 2-1 before finally being edged out over the final two sets. Had this match gone the other way the evening could have been very different.

Nigel Howe was in good form, and kept Pumas in the hunt, winning against Tom Coleman and an epic five set marathon against Mark James. In another key encounter, Nigel then paired up with Luke and went into a 2-1 lead in the doubles against Tom & David. At 9-4 up in the fourth it looked as though Pumas were set for victory, but Saxons rallied strongly, winning 7 consecutive points to take the it to a fifth set which they narrowly won 11-9.

Mark then wrapped up victory for the Bury club, calling on his final reserves of energy to register a straight sets win over Jack Samson and secure a 5-2 scoreline.
Tom and Luke played out the final singles which ended in a close 4 set win for Luke, with both players playing some entertaining high class table tennis.

Thanks to Martin O'Leary for the perfect organisation of the evening, and to all the players involved for a competitive good natured final.

Final result: 

Stowmarket Pumas 3 - 5 Bury Saxons

  Luke Davies-Stokes lost to David Unwin -9,11,6,-9,-8
  Nigel Howe beat Tom Coleman -9,9,6,7
  Luke Davies-Stokes/Jack Samson lost to Tom Coleman/Mark James -6,-6,-7
  Jack samson lost to David Unwin 10,-3,-2,-9
  Nigel Howe beat Mark James 7,-5,-9,9,3
  Luke Davies-Stokes/Nigel Howe lost to Tom Coleman/David Unwin 5,-4,10,-9,-9
  Jack Samson lost to Mark James -8,-6,-8
  Luke Davies-Stokes beat Tom Coleman -8,11,9,7
  Nigel Howe/Jack Samson v Mark James/David Unwin unplayed

Semi-final draw/results:

Sugar Puffs 2 v 5 Bury Saxons

Thurston Spitfires 2 v 5 Stowmarket Pumas


Second round draw/results:

Sugar Puffs 5 v 4 Rougham Lions

Stowmarket Leopards 1 v 8 Bury Saxons

Thurston Spitfires 8 v 1 Bury Crusaders

Stowmarket Tigers 0 v 9 Stowmarket Pumas


First round results:

Sugar Blades 2 v 7 Sugar Puffs

Thurston Spitfires 8 v 1 Bury Romans

Thurston Vulcans 2 v 7 Bury Saxons

Bury Normans 1 v 8 Rougham Lions

Bury Vikings 3 v 6 Stowmarket Leopards

Stowmarket Pumas 9 v 0 Rougham Rangers

Bury Crusaders 9 v 0 Stowmarket Jaguars

Stowmarket Tigers 9 v 0 Thurston Victors

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