2015 Team Handicap Competitions

Division 1 League winners, British Sugar, proved that the handicap differences between the highest ranked players and those in the 2 Player Division could be overcome by reaching the Bury Free Press Shield final.
Bob Harman and Dominic Melero played every match and beat RATTS 8-7 by winning all legs of the doubles before a more comfortable 11-4 victory over Bury Commandoes. In the semi-final against Rougham Panthers Harman’s guile and energetic singles play proved decisive as he lost only one end on the way to an 8-7 team victory.

In the other half of the draw British Sugar Defenders faced three fellow Division 2 sides from Stowmarket on their way to the final. Peter Kemp played in every match and was partnered alternately by Anthony Pateman and super-veteran Roy Pettitt. After a comfortable 12-3 win over Tigers the Pumas proved more stubborn and only Kemp’s five ends in the singles plus the final end of the doubles produced an 8-7 victory.
In the semi-final against last year’s winners, Stowmarket Leopards, Kemp went one better in winning all of his singles’ ends which carried his team through 8-4.
Kemp could not repeat this in the final but both he and Pateman won four singles legs each to beat their clubmates 8-4 and claim the trophy.

Stowmarket Tigers joined the other BFPS early round losers in the consolation Saffrons Shield competition. Father and son Nick and Jack Samson started with a comfortable 14-1 victory over Bury Vikings but had to work much harder against Bury Crusaders and needed the last end of the doubles to clinch an 8-7 win to reach the final.
There they met the Riddlesworth Hall team of Trevor Cottee and Scott Boast who had fairly comfortable victories of 13-2 over Bury Normans, 10-5 over RATTS and 9-6 against British Sugar Blades.
In the final Riddlesworth Hall took an early 5-1 lead but this was reduced to 7-6 after the first end of the doubles. However they kept their nerve and won the last two to take the match and the trophy 9-6.

Results - Bury Free Press Shield

Round 1
  Bury Normans 4-11 Rougham Panthers

Round 2
  Rougham Panthers 13-2 Bury Crusaders
  Lawshall 1-14 Thurston Victors
  Bury Commandoes 8-7 Riddlesworth Hall
  British Sugar 8-7 RATTS
  Thurston Spitfires 8-7 British Sugar Blades
  Stowmarket Leopards 14-1 Thurston Vulcans
  Stowmarket Tigers 3-12 British Sugar Defenders
  Stowmarket Pumas 14-1 Bury Vikings

Round 3
  Rougham Panthers 8-4 Thurston Victors
  Bury Commandoes 4-11 British Sugar
  Thurston Spitfires 3-12 Stowmarket Leopards
  British Sugar Defenders 8-7 Stowmarket Pumas

  Rougham Panthers 7-8 British Sugar
  Stowmarket Leopards 4-8 BS Defenders

  British Sugar 4-8 British Sugar Defenders

Results - Saffrons Shield

Round 1
  Bury Normans 2-13 Riddlesworth Hall

Round 2
  Riddlesworth Hall 10-5 RATTS
  British Sugar Blades 12-3 Thurston Vulcans
  Stowmarket Tigers 11-3 Bury Vikings
  Bury Crusaders 10-5 Lawshall

  Riddlesworth Hall 9-6 BS Blades
  Stowmarket Tigers 8-7 Bury Crusaders

  Riddlesworth Hall 9-6 Stowmarket Tigers

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