2016 Team Handicap Competitions

In the Bury Free Press Shield the Division 1 League runners-up, British Sugar, reached the final for the second year running. Bob Harman and Mark James had comfortable 13-2 victories over Bury Vikings and the one-player Rougham Rockets. They then met Paul Evans and Mark Cracknell of Thurston Spitfires in the semi-final in which Harman did not drop a leg and led Sugar to a 10-2 victory.

In the other half of the draw the Bury Normans pairing of Goran Gelevski and Neil Talbot faced Division 1 side Thurston Victors in their first match. Talbot won all of his legs and pulled his side back from a 4-5 deficit to an eventual 9-6 victory. Normans then took a 5-1 lead over their next opponents, Thurston Victors, who eventually had to concede 5-8. In the semi-final Rougham Panthers suffered from a mix-up and fielded only one player which handed Normans an easy 12-3 victory.

Talbot started the final by taking all three legs against Harman only for James to repeat the feat against Gelevski to level the match. Harman lost the next leg to Gelevski but then dug deeper to win the next two 25-23, 23-21. James then edged Talbot 2-1 leaving the Sugar pair needing one leg of the doubles for victory. They achieved this by taking the first 24-22 to seal an 8-5 win and claim the trophy.

The Thurston Victors pairing of Mick Beale and Robert Duncombe reached the consolation Saffrons Shield final with comfortable 11-4 and 10-5 victories over Rougham Rockets and Stowmarket Bobcats. There they met the Bury Crusaders team of Nate Sobieska and Terry Thompson who followed an 11-4 win over Bury Commandoes with a much tighter match against Thurston Vulcans which they pulled through by taking the second leg of the doubles. In the final Sobieski gave Crusaders an early 2-1 lead but Victors won all of the remaining legs to end up with a 10-5 win and the trophy.

Full results:

Bury Free Press Shield;

Round 1; Bury Normans 9 Thurston Vulcans 6, Stowmarket Lynx 7 Rougham Panthers 8, Bury Commandoes 3 Rougham Rockets 12, British Sugar 13 Bury Vikings 2, British Sugar Blades 6 Thurston Spitfires 9, Thurston Victors 10 Bury Crusaders 5.

Round 2; Rougham Panthers 12 Stowmarket Tigers 3, Thurston Spitfires 9 Stowmarket Bobcats 3, Bury Normans 8 Thurston Victors 5, Rougham Rockets 2 British Sugar 13.

Semi-finals; Rougham Panthers 3 Bury Normans 12, Thurston Spitfires 2 British Sugar 10.

Final; British Sugar 8 Bury Normans 5.

Saffrons Shield;

Round 1; Bury Commandoes 13 British Sugar Blades 2.

Round 2; Thurston Vulcans 7 Bury Crusaders 8, Stowmarket Bobcats 12 Stowmarket Tigers 3, Bury Commandoes 8 Stowmarket Lynx 4, Rougham Rockets 4 Thurston Victors 11.

Semi-finals; Bury Commandoes 4 Bury Crusaders 11, Stowmarket Bobcats 5 Thurston Victors 10.

Final; Bury Crusaders 5 Thurston Victors 10.

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