Match Report


 'Oh my...!' exclaimed Dom when he saw it, eyes wide in amazement, the sight of Bob 'one shade of grey' Harman brandishing his riding crop was enough to frighten anyone. Luckily it didn't scare Sean Gridley on his first match in the new season of the Bury league, this made it a close affair but Bob tied Sean up and whipped him in five sets.
Bob's crop didn't appear again but in his match with Sonja he dominated from the start with Sonja looking to her team to provide advice which they couldn't offer for Bob to win in three.

The Vulcans have some new blood in their team in the shape of Adam Coombes, and he was inspired against Bob, at one point frustrating Bob so much that he managed to throw away his bat in frustration. Bob showed his class to stay in front despite channeling Serena for a moment to beat Adam in five.

Dominic Melero has struggled against Sonja for a couple of seasons and despite his excellent form has found it hard to get past her, tonight was no different albeit very close, with Sonja winning in five. Although Bob didn't show his crop again the threat of it meant Dom went on to beat Sean and Adam with the loss of just one game during those matches combined and no stings from Bob as a bonus!

Ben Avery, Puffs newest member, arrived with a reputation built over the Summer, and he started his first match up of the night without any practice and fresh from a cross-fit workout. Making good use of his combination bat he dispatched Adam in four. Ben then sat down and drank something that could've been liquidized spinach, this didn't turn him into Popeye but he didn't look like dropping another game as he saw off Sean and Sonja in three straight games each.
He then partnered Dom against Sean and Adam in the doubles and they continued their dominant performance winning in three. As usual some good laughs were had with a final score of 9-1 to the Puffs.

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