Excellent Stroud League season for the Club

A very successful 2015 - 2016 Stroud and District Table Tennis League season for the Cam & Dursley Table Tennis Club.

The 'A' team was involved nip 'n tuck with a group of 5 evenly matched Clubs at the top end of Division 3 all season and managed to claim 2nd position with points from the final encounter.

Plus 3 victories in The ALBERT MANN TOURNAMENT before a semi-final defeat to the champions of Division 1, Thornbury 'A'.

The 'B' team has looked strong all season in Division 4 but has had the threat from two other strong sides to keep them on their toes!! In the end the cream remained at the top!! CHAMPIONS.

The 'C' team has had a tough time but it has been handled fantastically by Nigel Meredith and the players. Three juniors have gained invaluable experience to take them forward and our stalwart Club members have had the opportunity to 'enjoy' competitive League play!

So, for season 2016 - 2017 we have the prospect of a team in each of DIVISION 2:  DIVISION 3:  and  DIVISION 4. An excellent situation for the Club to bring players through and the opportunity to compete at a very good standard.

Well done to all involved and bring on the next season!!!

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