1. The name of the League shall be CAMBRIDGE & DISTRICT TABLE TENNIS LEAGUE.

2. The object of the League shall be
a) To conduct an annual competition between affiliated Clubs.

b) To further the interests of competitive Table Tennis and to encourage Table Tennis generally.

3. Officers & Committees
a) The Honorary Officers of the League shall be: President, Vice Presidents, Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Competition Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary, Coaching Secretary, four Committee members, two County Delegates and Auditor. All Officers shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.
b) The following Officers shall comprise the Executive Committee: (EC), Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Competition Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary, Coaching Secretary and the four Committee members. The Committee shall have the power to add to its numbers at its discretion.
c) The following Officers shall comprise a standing Committee: Chairman, General Secretary, Competition Secretary, Treasurer, plus one other member of the Executive Committee to be nominated by the EC.

4. Duties of the Committees
a) The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall be responsible for the government of the League in the interval between each AGM. The Standing Committee shall be responsible to the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE in respect of any decisions which cannot await the next EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE meeting.
b) The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall meet regularly during the playing season. A quorum shall consist of 5 of its elected members.
c) Every decision of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall be binding on all Clubs, Teams and registered Players subject to
appeal to a Special General Meeting called in accordance with Rule 5d. Any such appeal must be made in writing within 4 weeks of the original ruling by the Executive Committee.
d) The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall have the power to expel any Club, Team or member found guilty of breaking the Rules of the League, and shall decide all appeals made by Clubs arising out of and in connection with any League Competition. A Club, Team or member involved in a dispute shall be entitled to be represented and to put their case to the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.
e) The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall have powers to decide any matter on which these Rules are silent, and may also make any temporary provision for dealing with emergencies with any League Competition.
f) The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE may delegate any of its duties to a Sub Committee. The Chairman of the Sub Committee shall be a member of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE and shall be responsible for presenting to the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE reports of the work of the Sub Committee and for ensuring that the Rules or directives of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE are observed.

5. Annual and Special General Meeting
a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held every year not later than 30th June.
b) An Income & Expenditure account along with an audited balance sheet for the Financial Year ending the 31st May shall be presented.
c) All Clubs that have been members of the League shall send a representative to the AGM. Failure to comply will entail a fine of £10.00.
d) A Special General Meeting may be convened by the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE or at the request of a minimum of one third of Clubs that are members of the League. At least 4 weeks notice of a Special General Meeting must be given to all concerned
e) Every decision of any AGM or Special General Meetings shall be final, conclusive and binding on all Clubs that are members of the League.
f) At least 4 weeks notice of the AGM must be given to all concerned. Any proposed alterations to the Rules must be made in writing to reach the General Secretary by the 31st March. All changes to Rules accepted by the AGM shall take place immediately.
g) The AGM and/or Special General Meeting shall be open to all members of the League. Voting shall be on the basis of one vote per Team represented at the meeting.

6. i) All players taking part in League Competitions must be a Player Member of Table Tennis England
ii) The Annual League Subscription for each Team and each registered Player shall be proposed by the Executive Committee and presented for approval at the AGM.
The foregoing fees shall be in addition to the Table Tennis England Player Membership (includes Insurance) and the Cambridgeshire TTA Affilition fees.

7. All League entry forms must be completed and sent with the appropriate fees to the Competition Secretary by the closing date on the entry form.

8. All matches to be played under Table Tennis England  rules. If the Table Tennis England permits a choice, a set shall consist of either the best of 3 games up to 21 points or the best of 5 games up to 11 points, and each AGM shall decide between the two options.

9. Only registered Players are allowed to take part in matches. After commencement of the season new Players must be registered or re-registered 14 days before playing. The fee for re-registering a Player shall be 50p. Any Team playing an unregistered Player will be fined £5.00 and loss of match points. Transfer from one Club to another will be considered re-registering, the appropriate fee being payable. Transfer/re-registration and registration of new Players to be allowed only up to the 31st January in the current season, except in exceptional circumstances when application can be made to the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE for consideration. The lowest Team of any Club and a Club with only one Team must have a minimum of 4 registered Players.

10. No Player is allowed to play for a Team other than the one for which he is registered. Except that a lower Team Player may play for a higher Team as a reserve, but not more than 3 times in any one season. A player who plays up more than the permitted number of times shall be deemed to be an unregistered Player for that Team and the Team will be penalised as in Rule 9, unless the Club re-register the Player as a permanent member of the higher team. No Player shall be allowed to play in more than one match or Table Tennis event per evening, unless agreed by both Team Captains involved. Clubs must register their strongest Team as the highest Team in that division.

11. Teams shall consist of three Players, playing each other in the best of 5 games, plus a Doubles game, making a match of 10 sets. Any incomplete Team shall be fined £1.00 for each missing Player.

12. The match shall be played to a finish, one point being awarded for each set won. Other than in very special circumstances no Team can play an opponent for double points. If this necessity arises, the Competition Secretary must be informed at least one week before the match, stating why this position has arisen. The match must not be arranged until consent has been given.

13. Home Team Secretaries must notify the Competition Secretary of the result of the match by posting, delivering or sending an electronic image of the cards provided within 72 hours of the match. The post mark shall determine compliance with this Rule. Non-compliance will entail a fine of up to £5.00 per occasion.

14. Matches to be played by the dates shown on the Fixture card. (i)Postponements will be granted only under exceptional circumstances, and with the agreement of both Team Captains and the Competition Secretary and may be the subject of a postponement fee of £10.00 to be paid by the team calling off the match. (This will not apply to matches brought forward.) If both Team Captains do not agree, the match must be played as scheduled on the Fixture Card.

N. B: The unavailability of a Player or Players is not regarded as exceptional circumstances when a Club has eligible players in lower ranked Teams.
(ii) If any match is not played on the date scheduled, and there are no new exceptional circumstances, it must be rescheduled and played within 6 weeks of the original date. It is incumbent upon both teams to ensure the match is played within 6 weeks otherwise the match will be declared void and no points awarded to both teams.
(ii) Some venues have limited availability and re-arrangement of postponed matches can sometimes result in additional cost for the non- cancelling Team (where they are the home side) of arranging for the venue to be available outside previously booked dates. In such circumstances the EC reserve the right to seek a contribution to such costs from the cancelling team provided:
a) There is genuine additional cost, which has been properly demonstrated to the EC.
b) The fact that there is an additional cost has been brought to the attention of the EC and the cancelling Team Captain in advance of the re-arranged match being played.

15. Non-fulfillment of fixtures without notice as provided in Rule 14, and any conceded matches, will entail loss of match points and a fine of £5.00 minimum and £20.00 maximum. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall have the power to expel Clubs, or refuse admission to the League of any Team in constant breach of this Rule.

16. All matches to commence at 7.30 pm. All Players to be present by 8.30 pm (except by mutual consent of the Captains). Failure to conform to this ruling which is brought to the attention of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, will entail a fine of £5.00 and such
further action as they may decide. Umpiring will be the responsibility of the Home Captain.

17. Format of the League
a) The formation of Divisions in the League to be governed by the number of Teams entering, the max number of Teams in any one Division shall be 12.
b) That the normal method of promotion and relegation be as follows:
i) First Division: 2 relegated
ii) Remaining Divisions: 2 promoted and 2 relegated.
A Team withdrawing from a Division will be deemed to be one of the Teams relegated from that Division and any application to rejoin the League would be in accordance with Rule 17c. If the Teams finish with equal points the better games average shall decide the higher Team.
c) That normally all the Teams entering the League commence in the lowest Division.
d) The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall be guided by the foregoing, but where the efficient organization of the League may be impaired they shall have the power to allocate Teams as they consider necessary in view of the circumstances existing at the time. The final allocation of a Team's position in the League must be discussed with the Club involved, if the position is different to that gained by promotion or relegation.
e) If a Club with more than one team in the League wish to drop a Team out then it shall be the lowest team in the lowest Division that withdraws. If a Team other than the lowest Team in the lowest Division is dropped, this must be done in consultation with the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE and the Club involved. The withdrawal of a Team will necessitate re-registration of Players to a higher Team.

The Handicap Cup Competition is subject to the same rules which apply to League competition, with the following exceptions:
a) Teams shall consist of three Players, playing a set against each other as defined in Rule 18d.
b) All Handicaps will be fixed by the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE and their decision is final.
c) No one may play for more than one Team in the Competition in any one season. Any Team playing an ineligible player will be expelled from the competition.
d) All games are played up to 31 points, commencing score to be the respective Handicaps of the Players. The sum of the 2 Players Handicap is taken, and indicates whether the set is to be the best of 1,3 or 5 Games as follows:
+3 or lower: one game
+4 to +30: Best of 3 games
+31 or Higher: Best of 5 Games.
Where both Players have identical Handicaps, the set shall be played as the best of 5 games up to 11 points starting from 0-0.
e) The service will change every 2 points, except at the start of each game where one point only shall be played if the sum of the Handicaps is an odd number.
f) All matches should be played during the allocated Handicap weeks. Should any match be postponed in accordance with Rule 14, it must be played before the week of the next round or within 6 weeks, whichever is the sooner.

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