Cambridge & District Table Tennis League Closed Tournament


Date: Sunday 27 January 2019

Venue: The Fulbourn Centre, Home End, Cambridge, CB21 5BS

Start time: All players to be present by 8.45am for a prompt 9.00am start.




The tournament is open to all players who play in the league.

There are 14 different events available. You can enter into a maximum of 5 events. It’s a really fun day. You get to play against players from different divisions. And if you enter five events, you’re guaranteed at least 5 games – hopefully many more.

The tournament is suitable for players of ALL divisions. There's a singles event for division 3 players, a singles event for division 4 players and a restricted singles event for players from divisions 2, 3, 4.

If you want to take part, you must submit an entry form by 21 January 2019. Late entries will not be accepted.



Here’s some brief information about each event...

Open singles – A competition for all players. Usually starts with group matches and then moves on to knock-out stages.

Ladies singles – As above, but only for female players.

Veterans singles – As above, but only for players born before 1979.

Handicap singles – Knock-out competition using your handicap rating. Great opportunity for a Div 3 / 4 player to win a competition.

Restricted singles – Knock-out competition for players in Div 2, 3 and 4 only. 

Men’s doubles – Knock-out doubles competition for male players. You need to select your doubles partner in advance.

Ladies doubles – As above, but for female players.

Mixed doubles – Knock-out competition. Doubles pairing is made up of a male and female player. You need to select your doubles partner in advance.

Drawn doubles – Knock-out competition. Doubles pairings are picked out of a hat. No need to select doubles partner in advance.

Mixed Cadets Singles – Competition for players born 2004 or later.

Junior Boys Singles - Competition for players born 2001 or later.

Junior Girls Singles - Competition for players born 2001 or later.

Division 3 singles - Competition for players registered in Division 3

Division 4 singles - Competition for players registered in Division 4




Payment information


Open Singles (£3.50)
Ladies Singles (£3.50)
Men's Doubles (£3.50)
Ladies Doubles (£3.50)
Mixed Doubles (£3.50)
Veterans Singles (£3.50)
Mixed Cadet Singles (£3.00)
Junior Boys Singles (£3.00)
Junior Girls Singles(£3.00)
Handicap Singles (£3.50)
Restricted Singles (£3.50)
Drawn Doubles (£3.50)
Division 3 Singles (£3.50)
Division 4 Singles (£3.50)

Please note that the maximum number of events that may be entered is 5 at cost of £15.

Bank transfer may be made to...

Account No: 00194239
Sort-code: 20-17-19

Please give your name as a reference.

Cheques should be crossed and made payable to Cambridge & District Table Tennis League




If you have any queries relating to the tournament or entry form, please tel 01480 461562 or email:


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