All the key information required for the Warne Cup is now included below:

a) Player Rating sheet (This is used in conjunction with the Handicap Chart).

Player ratings Final 2017.pdf

Player ratings Final 2017.xls

Revision 1: Player ratings Final 2017 Rev.1.xls

b) Handicap Chart & manual/electronic scoresheets (+ guidance on applying the handicaps etc.). 

(Access each sheet by tabs at bottom of sheet).

WarneCup Chart 2017.xls

c) Warne cup draw & fixtures. (Minor information change - See Revision note).

Draw & Fixtures 2017 Rev.1.pdf

d) Warne cup rules.

Rules and format 2017 .pdf


Latest updates:

Team stats. 2017.xls 

Team stats. 2017(5).xls

Team stats. 2017(7).xls

Team stats. 2017(8).xls

Last Updated:
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