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Chalfonts and District Table Tennis League monthly roundup for Season 2017 - 18

The new season is now in full swing with 18 teams competing across 3 divisions. It is a shame that some of the usual teams are missing this season but the league has been delighted to welcome new teams from Brunel University.   Each season the Denham club introduces some of it's junior players into the senior league, pictured is new recruit Nicholas Carter, he along with his chum Dexter Dalston have joined the J team and take turns each week in playing for the team, at just 10 years old these lads prove it's a sport that can be played by all ages. League matches are played with 3 players on each team, they all play each other plus there's one game of double's making a total of 10 points to play for.

Denham's J team played the F team in the first match of the season with the more experienced F team winning 7-3. F team Captain, Shaun Bausor (age 66) pictured with Nicholas, commented "It's great to see the youngsters coming through and competing in the league. There were some very close games tonight and I think young Nicholas will soon be getting the better of us older and more experienced players. He has all the shots and with more exposure in the league against different playing styles, his match strategy will come on in leaps and bounds. I would not be surprised if Nicholas beats me later in the season in one of the return matches".   
Currently in Division three Denham VIllage G team is on top with 39 points (played 5 ) then Brunel B on 30 (played 5) then comes the juniors of denham J team with 28 (played 6)  under these is Denham Village F , Ickenham and VIllage K but they have only played 3 matches to date.  Sitting on top of the averages in the third division is young Nathan Mcdonagh with 100% having played just two matches ( so 6 out of 6) he'll have to watch for David Clingbine from Denham G who is looking good having played 15 and won 13 .

Division two sees Denham VIllage D team lead with 27points, then both with 18 points are Hillingdon and Stoke Poges, not far behind them is Chalfont D on 13 points then comes Chalfont C team and St Joseph's both on 7 points having faced the tough opposition at the start of the season.  St. Joseph's won division 3 last season so were duly promoted therefore they're just taking a while to adjust to the faster and spinier games in division two but are are settling down and will soon be getting more points on the board,

Dave Hales of Chalfont C is currently top of the division two averages with 100% 

Currently leading the first division is the Denham Village B team with 27points, the club's A and C teams are next with 24 and 20 points respectively , Newcomers 'Brunel A' are in 4th place while spots 5 and 6 are held by Chalfont's A and B teams who made a slow start but are now really starting to click.  top of div one averages sees Janu Aurelian from denham village A on 100%. 

if you are interested in table tennis please visit our website where you will find contacts for the various clubs and league officials,,

Nicholas & Shaun

Photo info 

F team captain Shaun Bausor welcomes young Nicolas along with his team mates Ted Bettridge and Chris Elmer, while in Shaun's team is Rachael Stones and Nathan Mcdonagh.

Report and picture Richard Cottle



Report for 18/02/16

A team plan comes together. Denham Village A went top of the Chalfont's Table Tennis League with a 7-3 win over stable-mates Denham Village C this week.

The C team’s Gemma Walker beat A team captain Rhys “Aussie” Thoroughgood 12-10 and her bravery going for attacking shots gained her two clear points.

But Gaurav Aravind made a welcome return to the A team and won all his games in straight sets getting the better of Timur Hashimi and Richard Cottle. In Division two a strong performance from Chalfont Community Centre B and C teams saw them beat Denham village E and F while a three match winning streak for Olu Phillips was not enough for Hillingdon B as they went down 7 -3 to Hillingdon A.

In division three meanwhile the youngsters of Denham Village J went to Ickenham to play more than 165 years of table tennis experience at the other end of the age scale.

The youngsters played well with Sonny Dalston gaining two points for his team but narrowly missing out on a third following a thrilling five set match.


Results for Week Ending 13/11/15

In the Chalfont's and District TT league this week we saw many clubs going head to head against members of their own clubs from other teams.

In Division 1 Denham Village A continue to go from strength to strength by increasing their lead at the top of the table following a comfortable win against Denham Village B. Adam Reed maintaining his 100% win rate ,having played 12 matches and winning 12 matches.

Division 2 Hillingdon A take the lead at the top of the table in this division from Chalfont Community centre and remain a game in hand. Lee Clark had another solid week helping Hillingdon secure an 8 - 2 win against their own Hillingdon B team. Division 2 teams have it all to play for and strong performances by all Chalfont Community Centre teams have helped keep them all in the running.

In Division 3 the breadth of experience of Denham Village G keep them the runaway leaders following a 10-0 win against their own Denham Village J. All change across the rest of this division with Hillingdon C taking second place following a 2- 8 win against their own Hillingdon D.Ali Asgar Onally helping their drive to success winning an impressive 8 out of 9 matches over 3 fixtures.

Results for Week Ending 06/11/15

In Division 1 Denham Village A extend their lead with a comfortable win against Chalfont Community centre A 10 - 0. Currently they have played 5 matches and won 5 matches and are leading the division with 44 points.

Division 2 sees Chalfont Community Centre D with just one point ahead of Hillingdon A who have a game in hand. Three matches played in this division this week resulted in Denham Village E (4) vs Chalfont Community Centre D (6) with Imran Soomro winning all his matches. Chalfont Community Centre B (3 ) vs Hillingdon A (7) and a clean sweep from Lee Clark. A tight match between Rickmansworth B and Denham Village F resulted in a home win for Rickmansworth (6) vs 4.

In Division 3 the division leaders, Denham village G continue to dominate following another solid win against Rickmansworth C (3) vs (7) player of the match was Paul Langston of Rickmansworth who has an impressive 5 wins in the last 6 matches.The remainder of division 3 sees St Jospehs new comers being challenged by the youngsters of Denham Village J.


In other Table Tennis news this weekend Denham Village invited a representation of team members from Chalfont St Peter C of E Academy to a training and match practice session. 

The session was designed to kick off a new junior section of the Chalfont's League. Both Denham Village and CSP academy have very strong players which they will enter in the league commencing next month.

The session was jointly hosted by Richard Cottle of Denham and John Underwood of CSP Academy, John Underwood has been doing an amazing job for many years developing the talent at CSP that then feeds into the Chalfont League as well as regional and National events. One such ex pupil of the school is Jemma Walker currently ranked 15 in England. Another 2 rising stars are Ben Naylor -Smith (ranked 52) and Shae Thakker (ranked 14). Shae has just returned from Belgium where he played for GBR in the BTTAD championships. We anticipate that this new venture will help develop further future stars and we look forward to reporting on progress on this in due course.

Round 4 of the Chalfont and District Table Tennis League  

In Division 1, only two matches were played this week, one of them being the battle between last year’s winners and runners up. In a closely fought match Denham Village A triumphed over Chiltern 6-4 with Mitchell Jones completing a clean sweep of victories. Chiltern still top the Division One table leading by 2 points, although Village A have a game in hand. In the second match Denham Village C beat Chalfont Community Centre A 7-3, the score line not representing the close nature of the matches. Timur Hashimi won all his singles, supported well by Richard Cottle and Jemma Walker, although special mention to Steve Whitehurst for winning through 15-13 in a nail biting fifth and deciding set, in his match against Richard Cottle.  

In Division Two, in the battle of the Community Centre teams, the Chalfont Community B team overcame stiff opposition from Community Centre C 7-3 with Jim Carpenter leading the charge, ably supported by Barry Ferguson. In a similar score line Chalfont Community D overcame Hillingdon B where Imran Soomro and Simon Pells remained unbeaten. Community D still top the table by 2 points, although Hillingdon A in 2nd place have a game in hand. In the last of the Division Two matches Hillingdon A proved just too strong for Rickmansworth B, winning 10-0, the trio of Ali Tanberk, Ron Bryant and George Reidy winning all their games. 

In the only match of Division Three, the Denham Village J team comprising of Will Driscoll, Sonny Dalston and Adam McDougall secured an 8-2 victory against St Josephs.  They remain 7 points behind their Village G team mates, who also have a game in hand. 

Results for Week Ending 16/10/15

Week 3 of the Chalfont and District Table Tennis League saw only 2 matches in Division One where Denham Village A were comfortable winners over Rickmansworth A 9-1 with returning star Adam Reed and Shae Thakker winning all their matches, but perhaps more surprising was Chiltern’s first defeat of the League campaign, losing to Denham Village C 7-3 where Steve Buck went unbeaten across his three matches.

In Division Two the trio of George Reidy, Ron Bryant, and Ali Tanberk from Hillingdon A kept up their impressive start with a 10-0 victory over Denham Village F, whilst in the battle of the Community Centre teams, Community Centre D beat their B team rivals with a hard fought 6-4 victory, thanks in part to the sterling performance from Imran Soomro. Not to be outdone, Community Centre C beat Rickmansworth B 7-3 where Frank Cowley remained unbeaten throughout the evening.

In Division 3,  the home team of Denham Village J was just pipped at the post by Ickenham URC, losing 6-4, standout wins by the improving youngster Rachel Stone for Village J and Norman Dennis & Derek Hughes for Ickenham; whilst new entrants Stoke Poges played well to beat Hillingdon’s C team 7-3 with Neil Peters and Keith Bucknell winning all their matches.  Finally the spoils were shared 5-5 between Denham Village G and Hillingdon, key contributions from Vincent Gaches and Michael Job for Denham, and Steve Keyes for Hillingdon. All results and info at www.tabletennis365/chalfonts


Results for Week Ending 9/10/15

Week two of the Chalfonts and District Table Tennis League saw the competition hot up even further. Last years top two teams in Division One, Denham Village A and Chiltern, had straight forward victories over their opposition in Denham Village D and Denham Village B respectively. Congratulations to Denham's Mitchell Jones, Aussie Thoroughgood, Shae Thakker, and Chiltern's Mike Atkinson, Mark Croucher and Andy Misseldine for their 100% record this week. In the other match in Division One, Rickmansworth A proved too strong for Denham Village C, Kevin Williams again proving unstoppable for his second week in a row.

In Division Two the matches played were much closer in score line, with Denham Village E sharing the spoils with Chalfont Community Centre B, whilst both Community Centre C and D teams won 7-3 against Rickmansworth B and Denham Village F, David Morgan, Frank Cowley, Imran Soomro, Max Pennington and Simon Pells all achieving great results for their teams this week.

In our new Division 3, new entrants Stoke Poges beat the youngsters of Denham Village J 7-3 with Keith Bucknell playing well in winning all of his matches, while Denham Village G got the upper hand against the other new entrants St Josephs 9-1 with Fanny Speck and Joes Griffiths winning their matches and Ickenham squeezed past Rickmansworth C team 6-4, Norman Dennis helping to secure victory with his unblemished performance.


Results for Week Ending 2/10/15

A terrific and competitive start to the Chalfonts and District League across our new three division structure and after so much change at District Committee and local team level, it was great to see the League get into full swing. In the 1st Division Chiltern got off to a flying start and kept up their momentum from last season with a clean sweep against Chalfont Community Centre A, whilst Denham Village B and Rickmansworth A went toe to toe drawing 5-5 all, Kevin Williams winning all his matches for Rickmansworth. Also drawing 5-5 was Denham Village C versus Denham Village D, where Scott Thompson remained unbeaten through the evening.

In the 2nd Division, all three matches were more one sided with comfortable 10-0 victories for Chalfont Community Centre B (Jim Carpenter, Barry Ferguson and Dave Hales with unblemished records) and Chalfont Community Centre D (Simon Pells, Imran Soomru and Mark Christou again with 100% records), against Hillingdon B and Denham Village F respectively. In the third match Hillingdon A were just too strong for Community Centre C winning 8-2, Ron Bryant leading with wins in all three of his matches.

In the 3rd Division Denham Village G pulled out all the stops to beat Ickenham URC 9-1. More details on fixtures and results at www.tabletennis365/chalfonts


Opening of the Table Tennis Season 2015/2016 League

The Chalfont and District Table Tennis League opening round of matches starts week commencing 28th September. Our league has now expanded to three Divisions covering 23 teams, and we are still open to welcoming new players into the participating clubs. If you are interested in joining one of the fastest growing sports, and a very competitive League, take a look at for contact details of the League Committee and Club Secretaries. Wishing the best of luck to all the players in this new season.
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