Version 1 – 11/09/20

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CDTTL Playing Conditions for League Matches v1 11 Sep 20


For the purpose of this document, a Match refers to the whole fixture between two teams comprising 9 singles sets ; a Set is made up of the best of five games; a Game comprises the first to 11 points.



  1. Clubs must have carried out their own Risk Assessment for their venues and playing conditions at these venues. Clubs will make this Risk Assessment and/or the related Code of Conduct available to the League who will publish this on the League Website for players from visiting teams to view before matches.
  2. Clubs will be invited to advise the League of any specific matters, rules or regulations concerning their premises that they would like highlighted to visiting players. This information will also be published on the League’s website.
  3. Venues should be kept as well ventilated as possible by opening doors and windows, provided that this does not affect the flight of the table tennis ball during a match.
  4. The configuration of table tennis courts should follow the current Table Tennis England Local League Guidance document.
  5. The home club should provide cleaning materials such that the players can carry out the cleaning rules required before, during and after matches (see Player Responsibility Section below).
  6. In the event of any local lockdowns, clubs in affected areas should postpone all fixtures, home or away, for the duration of the lockdown. If possible, postponed matches will be rearranged for later in the season.


  1. Players must not attend a match if they have any Covid-19 symptoms or have recently been in contact with anyone who has such symptoms.
  2. All players must wear a mask when in a table tennis venue unless they are playing.
  3. Players should arrive at the venue ready to play. No changing facilities will be provided at any venue.
  4. Doubles play is not permitted during warm-up and matches will not include a doubles set.
  5. Players should remain at least 2m apart at all times, whether playing or waiting to play.
  6. It is recommended that players should wash / sanitise their hands regularly and, as a minimum before and after each set that they are playing in.
  7. Players must use their own bats.
  8. The table tennis match ball should be washed/disinfected at the end of each set.
  9. The visiting team should choose the end at which they wish to play throughout the match. No changing of ends at any time during the match is permitted.
  10. Rules for umpiring matches

    1. Umpire’s tables should be a minimum of 1.5m from the table tennis table and a minimum of 2m from any chairs for players not playing in the current set.
    2. No table tennis scoreboards should be used.
    3. The surface of the Umpire’s table and the pen used for recording the score should be cleaned when a change in umpire takes place.
  11. Players should bring their own refreshments to the match. No refreshments will be provided by the home club and there will be no refreshment break during the match.
  12. At the end of each set, the two players should clean / disinfect their side of the table using the cleaning materials provided by the home club. This should be done before the next set can take place.
  13. The table tennis ball should be cleaned / disinfected between each set.
  14. The home team captain is the only player who can adjust the table tennis table or net during the match.
  15. No handshaking, slapping of hands or other physical contact between players is permitted before, during or after the match.
  16. Players should not breathe on the table tennis ball in order to clean it.
  17. Players should not wipe their hands on the table tennis table, walls of the venue or any other surface. Hands should only be wiped on a player’s personal towels which should be stored in each player's table tennis bag when not in use.
  18. The home team captain should submit the result card for the match to the League by electronic means (text, email or social media) as soon as possible after each match and, preferably, within an hour of the conclusion of each match. Not only will this enable the result to be updated on the League website but, more importantly, the card will also act as primary evidence of attendance for NHS Track & Trace purposes.





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