ETTA - South West Development Update

As you may have been aware the ETTA have recently been going through a restructuring process, with the aim being a more efficient staffing structure and strategy going forward.

I am emailing you to give an introduction to the new regional team, as wellas some brief information on our initial priorities, and how we will be working to support you in the future.

The new SW area is one of 4 in the country (also Central, SE/London, and North) and now includes the following counties:

Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Avon, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Hampshire & IOW, Berkshire, Oxfordshire.

Our new regional team consists of:

Chris Brown - Area Lead

Lisa Williams - Development Officer

Aled Howell - Coach Development Officer

Paul Whiting - Talent Development Centre Head Coach (based solely in

Plymouth leading the new talent development centre).

I have copied the team into this email so you have their contact email. We are currently in the process of changing our phone numbers, so please note my change of number below in the signature of this email. As the others confirm their new phone numbers they will appear on the ETTA's new SW area blog page. For the time being please use any current contact numbers you have for them.

As you will appreciate this is a new region, and there is now likely to be transitional period where the regional team share information and learn about the new area, as well as a planning process for us to outline our priorities and work areas.

Lisa, Aled, and I will work as a regional team to give priority support to designated 'hotspot areas' in the region. These areas will receive support from the whole regional team to develop many of the current offers available from the ETTA, including satellite clubs, uni Ping, Ping city projects, club development, facilities, and coaching, among others. These hotspot areas have yet to be confirmed, but some work has been done already using a detailed analysis of current provision, potential impact, and demographic and geographic considerations. There is likely to be around 3 hotspot zones in year 1, although this may be subject to change.

Outside of this hotspot programme we are also committed to continuing to support all of our clubs, leagues, coaches, and volunteers across the whole region to increase the number of people playing our sport in the South West. There will be some flexibility as to which of the regional team will help you with various enquiries and projects, based on the geographic location of meetings, and the specific work areas of each team member.

As a first point of contact we are proposing that Aled Howell will be responsible for all coaching enquiries, as well as the initial person to contact for all other enquiries in Gloucestershire and Avon.

Lisa Williams will be responsible for a number of projects across the region, but in the first instance will be dealing with enquiries in Berkshire, Dorset, Hampshire & IOW, Oxfordshire, and Wiltshire.

I will continue to be the first point of contact for Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset, as well as retaining overall control for strategy in the region, and for the development of our hotspot areas.

This is not exclusive at all, and we will be working closely as a regional team, so feel free to contact any of us, wherever you are, if you have a query. It has been necessary to split some of our responsibilities in this way due to the geographic size of the SW region. This also should help us cut down on unnecessary travelling and expenditure, allowing us to focus our resources solely on table tennis in the region.

Paul Whiting will work exclusively in Plymouth at the newly launched talent development centre, one of 4 in the country. The aim to is produce talented

squad of future England players from a dedicated programme of coaching and development work in Plymouth, based around a strong club structure.

We have also set up a new twitter page: @ETTASouthWest Please follow us to keep up to date with developments, news articles, and

projects as they appear.

I thank you all for your continued commitment to table tennis, and on behalf of the new regional team we look forward to working with you all in

the near future. I also thank you for patience while we finalise our new regional strategy.

Feel free to pass this email on to your contacts to help us spread the


Kind Regards

*Chris Brown  -  **South West Area Lead*

*M*: 07717822617

Twitter: @ETTASouthWest

Author: via Cheltenham Table Tennis Association
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