Cheltenham Junior Report March 2018


Organisers Referee: Peter Cruwys. Secretary: David Green. Umpires: Alan Thomas, Dave Metcalfe, Keith Ferguson, Sheila Matthews, Chris Lane , Estelle Davidson , Dave Green, Peter Cruwys Venue: Cheltenham TT Club in YMCA Sports Hall, Arle Road, Cheltenham. Equipment supplied by Cheltenham TT CLUB.

RESULT. Boys U11. 3 entries. Charlie Davidson beat James Agombar comfortably , but had to play really well to beat Jake Davidson. Jake just beat James in 3 close games. WINNER- Charlie Davidson RUNNER UP- Jake Davidson

Boys U13. 5 Entries. Group of 5. Charlie Davidson won all his 4 matches, each 3/1 in games. Ben Gibson, Oliver Allenby, and Marcos Vega each won 2 sets By games average , Ben 3/4, Marcos 3/3, and Oliver 4/3, Oliver was the better by 1 game . Jake lost his 4 sets , but took a game off Marcos, and his brother Charlie. WINNER Charlie Davidson RUNNER UP Oliver Allenby.

Boys U15 . 8 entries. 2 groups of 4 formed. Group 1. Dou-Dou Liu and Charlie Davidson both beat Joe Tyler and Oliver Allenby 3/0 in games. Oliver beat Joe . Dou-Dou beat Charlie in a thrilling match 11/8 in the 5th.

Group 2. Louis Clark had 3 easy wins against Ben Gibson, 9 year old James Agombar, and 7 year old Jake. James had come in for Jack Convery, who had withdrawn.

Ben beat Jake and James. Jake beat James. In the semi finals, Louis beat Charlie in 3 games , and Dou-Dou beat Ben in 3 games. In the final Louis beat Dou-Dou in 3 games.

BOYS U15 WINNER Louis Clark RUNNER UP Dou-Dou Liu

BOYS U18. 9 ENTRIES. Harry Tyrrell and Louis Clark withdrew . Eddie Selley agreed to enter on the night. 2 groups of 4 were formed. Group 1. Scott Johnson beat Jack Convery 3/1, and Jake Davidson 3/0. Eddie Selley beat Jake 3/1, and Jack Convery 3/0. Jack beat Jake 3/0 Scott just beat Eddie 11/8 in the 5th game

Group 2. Chris Austin beat Charlie Davidson 3/1, beat Dinula Gomes 3/1 . Dou-Dou beat Charlie 3/0 , and Dinula 3/1 . Charlie beat Dinula 3/1. In the semi-finals Dou-Dou beat Scott ,but only 11/9 in the 5th. Chris beat Eddie , but only 12/10 in the 5th game. In the Final Chris beat Dou-Dou 11/9, 11/9, 5/11 , 5/11, 11/6.

BOYS U18 . WINNER Chris Austin RUNNER UP Dou-Dou Liu.

Peter Cruwys 21.03.18


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