Summer Membership 2018

Dear Members / PayP players / Parents / Guardians

Please Print the new  Summer Membership Form and bring along to CTTC completed  -  will save a lot of time at club. 

As the Winter Season draws to a close (Tuesday 27th March is the last night of the Winter Season) we look forward to the Summer Season which starts on Tuesday 3rd April 2018. 

Summer playing times apply so the club will open at 7.00pm and close at 9.00pm.

Membership has continued to grow, particularly in the Junior section, which is good news for the clubs future, but something that we now need to manage in a more organised and structured manner. We have had 20+ Juniors come along for the last few Tuesdays, we do not, at the moment, have the resources to manage such a number and maintain a good standard of coaching.  

So, we are going to radically reorganise for the Summer Season 2018 the coaching of Juniors in order to give them a standard of coaching they should expect and at a standard we would like to deliver.  

New Coaching Facility – Friday nights.

As well as our coaching team for Tuesday nights, we have now taken on a highly qualified coach to organise and coach on a Friday night. He is a full time table tennis coach and will bring to the club a wide range of coaching skills and experience. 

The New Set Up for Juniors.  

Tuesday and Friday nights will now be split into two specific training times. 

7.00pm – 8.00 pm will be designed to coach those starters relatively new to table tennis.

8.00pm – 9.00pm will accommodate an intermediate standard of player. 

                        The coaches will designate the juniors into suitable groups as above. Coaching will start and finish promptly at the times shown above. 

Numbers in each group and on each night will be limited.

Starters will be limited to 6 - 8 in each session Intermediate players will be limited in each session. 

In this way training will be enjoyable and specific to each junior. Coaches will keep a training record of the progress for each junior for the summer.

As a follow-on from the Winter Coaching sessions ALL Juniors attending the club must be a part of the Coaching Groups as above. The Junior Fee includes Club Membership and the Coaching fee. 

As spaces will be limited it is advisable to register soon for the Junior Summer Season.  Junior members registered are able to attend both the Tuesday and Friday night coaching sessions. 

This will also affect the Family Membership fees. Adult family members will be able to play in the main part of the club with the Juniors taking part in the coaching sessions as above. 

So Family Adult(s) + 1 Junior will cost £90.00 and with 2+ Juniors £120.00.  The coaching fee for the Juniors is included in this Membership Fee.

Payment of Fees can be made at the Club or Online, details as per Membership Form.

We will be running a Summer League which will be FREE to all members to join. Details to follow. 

Look forward to seeing you at Cheltenham Table Tennis Club this summer.

Best Wishes    Rob Payne       Chairman CTTC

PS.  The club is run by Volunteers and all help is always greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Robert Payne

Chairman CTTC






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