Cheshunt League Championships 2018 Results

This year’s championships, held at Ellenborough TTC on Saturday 10th March, were again ably run by Digger Lamprell and provided excellent competitive matches throughout the day.

Open Singles:  This event was dominated by Ellenborough players. The star of the day was probably Huseyin Cakir, who beat Semi Idowu, also of Ellenborough, in an excellent and highly competitive semi-final and then went on to beat Paul Martindill of Ellenborough A in the final.  Paul had beaten Alan Pearse of Ellenborough in the other semi-final.

Over 55 Singles:  This was won by Fred Burdett of HRC, who beat Terry Wilson of Ellenborough in the final.  Fred had beaten Peter Bayman of Ellenborough A in his semi-final match and Terry had beaten Ellenborough teammate Alan Pearse in the other.

Open Doubles:   Another win for Ellenborough’s Huseyin Cakir here, this time with his teammate Anatol Gasiorowski.  They beat Paul Martindill of Ellenborough A and Phil Shepherd of Kidston in the final.  Huseyin and Anatol had beaten Alan Pearse and Terry Wilson in their semi-final whilst Paul and Phil had beaten Gill Toumbas and Abdul Olagboyega, both from Ellenborough A, in the other.

Division 2 singles:  This was won by Rob Costa of Ellenborough B, who defeated Rai Liiv of HRC A in the final.  Rob had beaten Denzyl Thorne of Cheshunt A in the semi-finals and Rai had beaten his HRC A teammate Mike Roberts.

Drawn Doubles:  This event is always unpredictable, with partners drawn on the day.  The winners were Ellenborough A teammates Gill Toumbas and Peter Bayman, who beat Semi Idowu of Ellenborough and Gunter Biemel of Ellenborough B in the final.  Gill and Peter had defeated Fred Burdett of HRC and Joan Bayman of Ellenborough B in their semi-final whilst Semi and Gunter had beaten Paul Martindill and Rob Costa.

The doubles events were played mainly on the new blue Trioflor flooring at Ellenborough and the singles mainly on the uncovered wooden flooring but everyone coped well with the both surfaces and the remainder of the new flooring will be laid very soon.
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