Handicap Cup Final 19th April 2018

This year's handicap Cup Final took place on Thursday 19th April and featured the two teams from HRC, the club that has dominated the league in all competitions this year. 

The final, played at Ellenborough TTC, featured first division champions HRC (Faith Frankel, John Barnes and Fred Burdett) against second division champions HRC A (Rai Liiv, Sunil Trukru and Michael Roberts).

HRC A started with a 106 point handicap advantage over their League Champion club-mates and, at first, it looked as though this might be a bit too much for the first team to catch up, with the first set between Faith and Rai going 21-10 and 20-21.  However, the first team then started to chip away at the deficit, with John Barnes and Fred Burdett winning the next three sets to reduce the difference from 106 to 69 by the half way stage of the match.  More wins for all three of the first team throughout the second half saw HRC A's lead down to just 15 points with only the final doubles remaining, which meant that a strong performance there could still win the Cup for the first team.

Unfortunately for them, the first team could only manage 17-21 and 21-15 in that final doubles, leaving HRC A the winners by a final margin of just 13 points.  Congratulations to both teams on a good match and a super season.  I'm sure we will all be gunning for them next year!       

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