Presidents Cup 2018 match report from Paul Buey

The 2018 Presidents Cup match between Cheshunt League and Hertford League took place on Thursday 21st June and resulted in a draw!   The teams were:

Division 1 - Cheshunt: Semi Idowu, Huseyin Cakir and Tumay Ekrem ;  Hertford: Fred Burdett; Tom Reeve; and Faith Frankel.

Division 2 - Cheshunt: Chris Tuttle, Rai Liiv and David Madsen; Hertford: John Terry, Jason Flaum and Rocco Cuffard.

It was a great match played in good spirit with Cheshunt easily winning Division One 7 - 2 and Hertford easily winning Division Two 7 - 2, so overall it was a draw.  There were some great matches, the highlight being Tom v Tumay in Div 1 (11-9, 11-7, 13-11).  Tumay has an excellent attacking forehand and Tom was back against the wall defending brilliantly for most of the match.  Tom's consistency and control did eventually win through, a very good game to watch.  In Div 2 there were several 5 setters with Rocco winning one 11-9 in the fifth against Chris and losing one 9-11 in the fifth to Rai.  David also played very well against John to win comfortably in 3 straight. The Competition was in the balance right up to the final doubles in Division 2.  If Cheshunt could win, they would win the whole match for Cheshunt League.  Hertford needed to win to claim the draw.  Of course it went to 5, with Jason and Rocco (Hertford) narrowly beating Chris and Rai (Cheshunt) to earn the overall draw.

A really good evening of table tennis.  Thanks to Cheshunt TTC for hosting and well done to everyone who took part.

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